Friday, August 30, 2013

San Diego

It may seem odd to you when I tell that I am leaving Mexico for San Diego, California. I have lived full-time in mainland Mexico since 2007. About six years in all. And the first three of those years were very exciting. I traveled from the border of the United States all the way south to the border of Guatemala.

Then in 2008 I went from the Yucatan Peninsula to Israel. And stayed in Israel for 2+ months. My Cousin Jacky met me in Israel and we had a grand time visiting with our Israeli relatives.

On returning from Israel to Mexico, I traveled from the eastern coast all the way to Mexico's Pacific Coast. That was when I found the Pueblo of Aticama and met my friend Weng and her family. That trip across Mexico is when I decided to make Mexico my home. And for the next two years, that's what I did.

In September, 2010, my life began to unravel. That was when my son David died. I never really came all the way back to my old self after that terrible event. David was a major part of my life. I returned to his home [which I thought of as my home], every year. Then David was gone, and my home went with him.

For me, it has been a challenge to anticipate my life's changes. Of course I knew that I could not go on living as an RVing vagabond forever. Something would happen. But what would that something be?

After the double murder of Panchito and his dad, Don Pancho, my Home Camp was no longer the same. I knew in my heart, that I would not be coming back here next year.

That's when I decided to move from Mexico to San Diego. I had to get to a place where my life would be easier. Where I might be able to stop being a vagabond and live a more relaxed life. A less mobile life.

Friday, August 23, 2013


I have pulled out of my Home Camp in the Village of Santillan, and am now camping in the City of Queretaro. My plan is to head to the City of Guanajuato.

5PM - Bugamville RV Park
MsTioga and I have found the Bugamville RV Park and are staying here for awhile. This RV park is not too far away from the Colonial City of Guanajuato.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Tragedy in Santillan

As I was driving thru Santillan last Saturday morning, I was flagged down by David who is Don Pancho's grandson. I parked near Panchito's Body Shop. When I went to talk to David, he was very upset. He was worried about his grandfather and his Uncle Panchito. Apparently neither Panchito or Don Pancho had been seen that day, and it was already noon!

The gate to the body shop was locked, so David climbed over the brick wall and opened the gate. David's aunt ran thru the gate to the bed where Panchito and his father, Don Pancho sleep. Both men were dead. Apparently shot while they were sleeping.

I am so upset! These two men were the soul of their family. The bread-winners! This is a terrible blow to the relatives of Don Pancho and Panchito and to the Village of Santillan.

Thinking about death
I had not seen many dead persons in my life. Certainly not murdered persons. The beds of Don Pancho and his son Panchito are constructed in a scaffold frame. Don Pancho slept in the top of three beds. Panchito in the bottom.

From what I could see, whoever killed son Panchito did it as he slept. I could see Panchito lying on his back in bed. Father Don Pancho was killed as he tried to exit from his bed. His head lying on his arms extending from the bed. He must have been shot from below.

These are the sights that shall remain in my memory from now on. Terrible sights these are. I do not know what happened to cause these deaths. Both Don Pancho and his son Panchito were such happy people. Who could have done this terrible thing?