Friday, August 23, 2013


I have pulled out of my Home Camp in the Village of Santillan, and am now camping in the City of Queretaro. My plan is to head to the City of Guanajuato.

5PM - Bugamville RV Park
MsTioga and I have found the Bugamville RV Park and are staying here for awhile. This RV park is not too far away from the Colonial City of Guanajuato.


  1. Good for you! Safe travels.

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  2. Hi George ;) glad to see you

  3. Guanajuato will be beautiful this time of year! Lots of great people watching on the Jardine de la Union. Enjoy yourself mi amigo, you are back on the road!

  4. Glad you are posting some again George. I really have missed your daily thoughts and events.

  5. I think change is a good idea, George. Better to put some distance between yourself and the scene of your latest heartache. Wishing you the very best!

  6. George, you are missed...and loved.

  7. Sorry for the recent heartache, but soooooooooo glad you are back posting.

  8. Hi George,
    Glad to see you are "on-the-road-again."
    If you are still trying to get a handle on "freedom" Peggy Noonan wrote an interesting column on the relationship of privacy and freedom.

    From my limited perspective, you are one of the truly free people. You go where you please, as you please.

    Your two trips to Israel were really wonderful to read about, yet you were there. And, because of the super blog you have maintained, you can "return" to Israel whenever you wish, and have your mind refreshed at what you saw. That is freedom too.

    My best wishes to you.

    Ernie in Michigan

  9. Change can be good for one. We all have missed your daily posting George.

  10. Hope you find the new location peaceful and enjoyable. Thanks for keeping us informed about your situation. Take care.

  11. Hi George,
    Just realized you are closing in on 8 million hits....

    Glad you are back on the road, even if you only move a short way, as you please.