Saturday, April 26, 2014

Bed, WiFi and kitchen stuff

So far my Guava Gardens apartment has a twin size bed with a really nice fitted sheet, a top sheet, two pillows and quilt!

Also, a bunch of kitchen stuff: forks, knives, spoons, table spoons, one cup, two glasses, a plate, Lodge cast iron skillet, etc, etc.

The most exciting thing that happened today was the arrival of the Cox Communications tech guy. I showed him to the first floor room where all of the cables for the apartment house come into a big box. All of the electric meters are in that room too.

He quickly found my room #309 cable not hooked up to anything! After he had the cable hooked up, we both walked back to my apartment together to see how the cable box and WiFi Modem were working.

I am on the internet now using the Cox WiFi Modem. My internet speed is pretty fast. I get about 350GB of internet data per month for about $50. Cable internet is a real bargain compared to WiFi internet!! AT&T WiFi costs about $80 for only 10GB.

Early next week, my desk will arrive with a swiveling office chair. I am really looking forward to having that desk because that will super organize my apartment!

Shopping for TV system
I've got a quotation from Best Buy for my new TV system. Best Buy claims a "best price" guarantee. However, it seems to me that I have to be diligent in my shopping for the various components in order to actually get that "best price".

My TV system will use the "Apple TV" digital media player. Apple TV will give me NetFlix kind of stuff, and allow my MacBook to download movies from the internet and play them on the TV. I still have not decided on how big my new TV will be. But I am leaning toward "really big"!


  1. Hey, George,
    We have one of those digital photo frames, and your picture pops up every now and again through the years. Love it! See you later this coming season.

  2. Anxious to read about your Apple TV ... thought about that ... ahhhh it's great 'seeing' how happy you are ... ;)

  3. Re: the TV. Go for big. What the hell. We put a 42 inch in the bedroom, and it's awesome. Plus, such an amazing picture compared to what we had.
    Anyway, I was going to ask, were you able to salvage any kitchen items from Ms. Tioga? I recall you used to make waffles etc. (yes, I've watched the videos). Would be a shame to just leave all that stuff I would think. Buy hey, having some new stuff is fun too.
    Keep on keepin' on.

  4. Great job George. I am glad this is working out for you. Quite a change I'd say from "coming to" in a field with Ms. Tioga, not knowing how you got there. Go BIG for the tv.

  5. Go for 'BIG' on that TV George.......

  6. Now..decorating a place is always fun! Go for the big TV! will be like a theater in your place! Just like our 32" in our 22ft trailer! so not necessary, but we love it!

    Happy trails George, love hearing about your new adventures!


  7. I'm almost 80 and I find that the bigger the TV, the better I see and read items on the screen. We also just got a Bose sound system. It is Awesome....... Go for it and ENJOY!!!

  8. On the TV......bigger is better.......Apple TV is terrific !!!

  9. Sounds like you're having fun getting the place the way you want. Enjoy!

  10. BIg screen and HD reception if available and you won't want to leave that recliner. A bluray dvd player with a flatscreen will amaze. Enjoy!

  11. If the difference in the cost of the TV is around a $100, you should consider Amazon Prime. If only for the free Video... and, of course, free 2-day delivery of all (most) Amazon orders during the next year.

  12. George, you gotta go big !!! After all you have been through this last year, you need to give yourself something for fighting through it all and winning. Good work my friend :-)