Saturday, April 19, 2014

Passover party

My cousin Jacky is celebrating Passover and I have been invited. There will be 15 family members at this Passover meal.  Jacky lives in the senior community of Laguna Woods, about 80 miles from where I am living in San Diego. I figured that I would stay overnight in the area after the Passover party. Bad idea for me to drive all the way back home at night. So, I got a hotel room nearby Jacky's. And I'll drive back home Sunday morning.

You might remember that Jacky and I went to Israel together in 2008. I wrote about that wonderful trip here in my blog. Jacky and I are very close to the same age. She is 9-months older than me. We have been very good friends all of our lives. During our trip to Israel, Jacky and I shared a hotel room everywhere we went. That worked out very well, because we get along so good!

Honda Fit gas mileage
My new Honda Fit is going to need its first gasoline fill-up soon. That's when I will be able to find out what gas mileage my Honda is getting. The Honda Fit is supposed to get a combined gas mileage of 29 miles per gallon.

But I have a hunch that my Honda Fit will get 40 miles per gallon. There is a small gage in the dash which tells what mileage I am getting. When I press on the gas pedal, the mileage goes down. When I ease up on the gas pedal, the mileage goes up.

I've been paying close attention to that small gage, trying to get my mileage as high as possible. On this trip to Jacky's home, I'll be filling the gas tank and find out what the mileage actually is!

1PM - Hot bath at Holiday Inn
The Passover supper starts at 4pm. I wanted to arrive at Jacky's place early, so I checked into the Holiday Inn a little while ago.

My room has a bath tub! Wow! If there was one thing that I missed during my 11 MsTioga years, it was a hot bath. Love those! After David died and I was living at his house taking care of his closing affairs, I used his hot tub almost every night.

If I get the room that I applied for at the Guava Apartments, it will be so good for me! There is a hot tub there!


  1. Please post how you like your Fit..road noise?..I want something super dependable and good gas mileage.Great to hear you are feeling better! Vada in Texas

  2. Yes, George. I well remember the many times you have told us about time spent with your cousin, Jacky. She is a blessing. Enjoy your time with her. That was a good idea to stay closeby and avoid driving at night.

  3. My son absolutely loves his Fit ... he has gotten 43mpg on the interstate with the cruise set on 70 but with no AC just the vent... he loves his... ;)

  4. Enjoy your day! It is nice to see you are having a good time :-)

  5. No matter what the mileage it will be a pleasant shock compared to the 7 - 8 MPG you got with Ms. Tioga! Mind you, it will be a little difficult to eat and sleep in the Fit. You will have to get used to the new lifestyle, George!

  6. Good to hear you will be spending time with family especially close cousin Jacky. She sounds like a wonderful woman. I too share hotel rooms with members of my much cheaper and beside it's pleasant to talk to someone even while tucked in bed and say good night just as you nod off. Take care George.

  7. That whole "driving at night" thing is something we try to avoid, and you have a few years on me. I just find my night vision has somewhat deteriorated in the last decade or so. So unless we really know the road, and know that it's well lit, we either head out before dark, or stay over.
    Enjoy you time. And Chag Sameach! (I think. yes?)