Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pismo Dunes Senior Park

I received an email from Reader Peggy that had a link to a story about Pismo Dunes Senior Park [link]. I got a kick out of reading and then researching Pismo Dunes. Because many of the homes at the park appear to be tiny. Some 300 to 400 square feet.

Around where I am living now, there are many mobile home parks with 2-3 bedroom models available. 800 to 1600 square feet. What would I do with such a huge home? MsTioga had only 160 square feet. And I was soooooo comfortable living inside MsTioga.

Anyway, I've been gathering information about mobile home parks. How they work? How much they cost?

I got a haircut today. Not an unusual event. However, this haircut was unusual because it was the first time that I had my hair cut in over four months! I needed a haircut when I had the accident with MsTioga on March 15th. And only recently did I feel well enough to go out and get my hair trimmed.

Feels good to have my hair not touching my ears!


  1. George, I love reading your blog! It has inspired me to start our journey to full-time RV. I know from reading other blogs that you were their inspiration as well. Life is a beautiful journey, from you I read the book the Untethered Soul...not an easy read, but I read it. I hope you realize that many of us look forward to your future journeys,no matter if Ms.Tioga is gone, or you are not Full time Rving! Come on! You are Loved! Imagine that! Until you breath your last breath, we want to know! Its more important to me to know that you find comfort, faith, serenity..and just 'Dam, I lived a freaking great life, that people loved to read about!'


  2. I agree with you George. Even a 900 sq ft home is very roomy. If I were alone, I'd get a very tiny home and use the rest of my income on doing what I like to do. I wouldn't be married to my home. It will take some time before you decide. Take your time.

  3. Glad your feeling better. A haircut makes ya feel a bit better too :) So happy that we are getting to hear from you more ( THANKS Pete) Just do what is gonna make you happy...Take Care healing prayers coming at ya!

  4. Something to also think about are you going to be happy living in one spot? You are so use to traveling and seeing different parts of the country in your "little rolling home" that you might want to buy another small motorhome. You can always stay in one area long term but the option to move somewhere else is always available whereas buying a sticks and bricks doesn't allow that option.

  5. I wish I was still travelling, so I can understand your reluctance to tie yourself down to one spot. Like Jan says, maybe another small motorhome would be the ticket. Whatever you decide I wish you good luck.

  6. George, I'm so happy that things are going well for you. For your info, my 94 year old mother-in-law has been on blood thinners since suffering a stroke almost 10 years ago! She is still doing well and will probably make it to 100 or more! We owned a park model home in Door County, WI for several years and loved it. We had a deck added on and then enclosed it to almost double the interior space. It was a Woodland Park model and very well made. Good luck!

  7. So glad to see you blogging again. Keep it up !!!

  8. Ahhhh so glas to see you ... just feels like home when you post... turning into a hippie... long hair ... in California... yeah! ;)