Saturday, May 31, 2014

Women's golf

I've been spending a lot of time over the past few days studying golf videos. And one conclusion that I've arrived at is that it is much better to watch women's golf videos than men's golf videos.

Why is this a true statement? Could it be that it's because women don't get their egos involved in golf lessons? Hmmmm?

But whatever it is, it seems to me that women golf trainers seem to be able to explain things so much better than the men! There is a video set that I really like. It's called, "Golf lessons by women for women" [link]

Wednesday, May 28, 2014


On Google Maps, two golf courses are shown which are close to Guava Gardens Apartments. Sun Valley Golf Club is only a mile away. Colima Park Golf Course is a little over 4 miles distant. On my mind lately, is taking up the sport of golfing!

Why at the age of 76 years, am I thinking about golf? For walking exercise and social stuff! I just want to give golf a try, to see what it's like.

Hunter's Nursery
Yesterday I biked the 3+ miles to Hunter's Nursery. The first thing that happened there, was that Guy Hunter walked up to say, "Hi" to me. Guy is the grandson of founder Howard Hunter who began the nursery in 1919. Guy told me that when he was a kid, the wide road in front of the nursery was only a narrow dirt road.

I'm driving back this morning to Hunter's Nursery, to buy two hanging fuchsia plants for my apartment balcony.

Two new hanging fuchsias & potted plants on balcony

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day invitation

Yesterday I was invited to John & Mimi's home for what John described as "Shrimp Sumhow". This is a wonderful shrimp dish that Mimi prepares. Mimi bought large plump shrimp that were sooooo good. Yummm!

John and I have a lot of things in common. And one of those things is gardening. John has a wine barrel size pond in his yard with lots of waterborne plants growing. John's little pond has tiny water pump which sends water bubbling from a rock that sits above his pond.

 I want to get something like John's pond for my balcony. I've been keeping my eyes open to buy one. My thinking is to place my pond on a table that will bring the water at just about the level of the balcony railing.

I would love for birds to be attracted to my pond's bubbler just as birds are attracted to John's pond! While we were lounging in the garden yesterday, a very adorable finch landed at the edge of his pond. Then the little bird ambled over to the bubbler to drink! Man-O-Man!

Hunter's Nursery
While searching online, I located Hunter's Nursery a short distance away from my Guava Gardens apartment. The easiest thing to do is to just drive in the Honda car to Hunter's Nursery, shop for stuff and bring it back home.

However, I have decided to do most of my wandering around using my Prodeco electric bike. It's a lot more fun for me to bike around rather than drive. While biking, I seem to learn a lot more about the neighborhood than when driving.

My plan is to bike to Hunter's Nursery this morning. I was reading online about fuchsia flowers and want to shop for this flower at Hunter's. Fuchsias are gorgeous, and I would like to have a couple of fuchsia baskets out on my balcony.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Potluck Party

This afternoon Guava Garden Apartments is having a Potluck Party. I'm bringing some chicken from the nearby El Pollo Loco. Guava Gardens is offering hamburgers and hotdogs prepared on the BBQ located next to the swimming pool.

Although there are 81 tenants at Guava Gardens, only 25 tenants have signed up for the Potluck. I don't know why so few tenants are coming? But I suspect that many older people shrink from social contact as they age. This "shrinking from social contact" is not something that I subscribe to. I make social contact everywhere that I go.

During my several years living in Mexico, I took on one of Mexico's very popular cultural customs. That is the custom of "chatting". In Mexico, it's called "platicando". Very often when people in Mexico meet up on the street, they will chat for a long time. Maybe a half hour or more! Here at Guava Gardens there are several people from Latin America. And they all chat. And I chat with them. I love that!

Biking for errands
Whenever I go out on an errand, I have to decide how to go. Walking? Biking? The Honda Fit? Most often I choose to bike on my very cool, Prodeco Electric Bike [link].

Everywhere that I bike I receive compliments from passers by who very much like the "look" of my Prodeco. I have to admit, I love my Prodeco too. But not only for its looks. My Prodeco is sooooo easy to drive. It only has two controls. Brakes to stop. And a handle bar mounted twist accelerator to go. Of course the bike has standard pedals and an 8-speed twist shifter.

For me, it's almost impossible to stop using the electric motor! Whizzing along at almost 20 miles per hour is very seductive!

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Luck or Guardian Angel?

When I was the vagabond Tioga George and teamed up with the famous RV, MsTioga, we wandered all over the Western United States and Mexico. MsTioga and I lived free as birds. We didn't pay rent.

Somehow where we wandered brought us to amazing adventures. Back then, I took some notice of of how we always seemed to have something really interesting to share with you. But I really did not pay it much heed. I took what happened for granted. And, I guess that I chalked it up to being lucky. But now, I am beginning to wonder if what happens to me is luck? Or, should it be attributed to something more?

Guardian Angel?
For example, take what happened to me last March 15th. I passed out while driving on Interstate 5, and wound up in a field alongside the highway. MsTioga was completely destroyed. But I only had a little bump near my eye.

If I had not had that accident, I would not have been taken to the hospital in Bakersfield where coincidentally, a cardiologist was assigned for duty in the Emergency Room. That cardiologist decided that I needed an angiogram. And that was when it was discovered that I had one blocked heart artery and an aortic valve in my heart that needed replacement.

Since then
Look at what has happened since the Bakersfield incident. My friends John and Mimi invited me to stay in their motorhome during my recovery period.

Only two months after my open heart surgery, I found this absolutely wonderful place to live. Guava Gardens Apartments. My huge kitchen window looks out at an open-space field that is filled with huge wonderful green trees.

I have a waterfall on my kitchen counter. The waterfall is surrounded by flowers growing in planter pots. When I ate breakfast this morning, the waterfall is only an arm's length away.

Could all of this just be luck?

Friday, May 23, 2014

PET scan, Garden & Vacuum

I continue to run around like a chicken with its head cut off (A saying that I received from my Mom). I keep expecting that my things-to-do list will taper off. But that taper has not arrived yet!

This morning I had an appointment at Kaiser for a PET scan. A couple of weeks back I had a chest X-ray in order for my cardio doctor to take a peek at the area of my open heart surgery. Apparently, Kaiser routinely has specialists look over these X-ray films. A Dr. Bercovich looked over my X-ray and located a small node on my lung. That's how this PET scan came to be scheduled.

I did not know anything about a PET scan before today. If I had known, I would have asked Dr. Lee (my primary care doctor) for some kind of anti-anxiety medication. Because I do not do well in small spaces. And this PET scan machine consists of a four foot long tube that is about 2 feet (inside diameter). I would have to be "inside" this tube for 25 minutes. Uh-uh! No way!

I felt bad for the two techs who prepped me. When I called off the PET scan, I could see in their faces disappointment.

More plants for the garden
After I left Kaiser, an Armstrong Garden Center popped up and I stopped to have a look-see. I bought some more "Impatiens". Different color than before. And some "Baby Tears". I am growing in a very low-light environment and these plants supposedly do well in shady places.

Earlier in the day I ordered a 7-tier wood plant stand from [link]. The garden is beginning to take shape!

The indoor waterfall is now surrounded by potted flowers and is looking pretty good at its new location on the kitchen counter!

Hoover vacuum
When I arrived back at Guavas Gardens, a Hoover vacuum cleaner was waiting for me at my door! I had done a lot of online research in order to buy this Hoover. And the reviews are highly favorable.

This Hoover vacuum is powered by a Lithium-Ion battery. The battery delivers a tremendous amount of power! I was very surprised how powerful this Hoover is. I bought the Hoover from United Vacuum [link].

My carpet needed this vacuum sooooo much!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Big bike ride

This morning my friend John P. and I are taking a bike ride together along the beach walk from Mission Beach to Pacific Beach. I'm biking over to John's home located about 2-1/2 miles from my Guava Gardens apartment.

John drives a Mitsubishi Miev, an all electric car. We load our bikes into the Miev, and go to Mission Beach. Have you ever driven in an all electric car before? It is sooooo quiet.

The bike ride along the beach walk will be very pleasant today. The beach walk crowds of the weekend are absent during the weekdays.

When we arrive at Pacific Beach, we always go to the Konos Cafe's outdoor coffee shop alongside the beach walk. Then we talk about stuff until it is time for lunch. We bike over to Five Guys Burgers in the center of Pacific Beach to eat. Gotta love Five Guys!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014


A little while ago, the FedEx guy delivered my new waterfall. The plan was that this little waterfall would be part of my balcony garden. The tinkling of the little water cascade would be like wonderful music!

I was thinking of placing the waterfall in the rear of a planter box. Flowers and green plants would surround the waterfall. Man-O-man!

It took a little messing around in order to assemble the waterfall on the kitchen counter. My first try assembled it backwards. There was not enough plastic hose to reach the tiny submersible pump doing it backwards. But I finally figured it all out. It worked pretty good! Then I moved the waterfall from the kitchen counter out to the corner of the balcony.

It was not until I got the waterfall running on the balcony, that I became conscious of the traffic noise. The noise is loud enough to drown out the tinkling of the waterfall. Bummer!

So I moved the waterfall back to the kitchen counter. And that is where it will likely live. I love the sound that the waterfall makes.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Physical exercise

Yesterday I blogged about a story about older people who have to use their hands to get up off the floor. I am one of those people. It is sooooo important that I physically exercise in order to maintain and hopefully improve my physical self! But I find it very difficult to go to the YMCA and work out. I just do not like going to the "Y"!

I am hoping on hope that I am able to eventually get into the groove, exercise wise. I've begun doing some regular exercise while inside my apartment. Mostly with my legs. I do "deep-knee bends" while holding on to a door handle. Very hard for me!

My balcony garden
The flowers growing in the garden located on my balcony are looking good. Lots of blooms. I'm planning to put a small waterfall in the rear corner of this garden which will look something like [this]. There will be landscaping around the waterfall located in a raised planter box.

It would be really neat if birds came to bathe and drink this water.

Swiffer Dusters
A reader suggested using Swiffer Dusters for tackling the dust problem at my Guava Gardens apartment. I bought a Swiffer kit today, consisting of (1) handle and (5) dusters. Wow!

Swiffer works great. The dust comes off the furniture and sticks to the Swiffer. Dust does not just spread around as it does with a feather duster.

I also like the fact that Swiffer is produced by Procter and Gamble, and I am an investor with P&G. This means that I am kind of buying Swiffer from myself!

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Dying test

From NBC News:
"A simple test that looks at how easy -- or difficult -- it is for you to sit down on the floor and then get back up may help predict how long you’re going to live, a new study shows.

Middle-aged and elderly people who needed to use both hands and knees to get up and down were almost seven times more likely to die within six years, compared to those who could spring up and down without support, Brazilian researchers reported Thursday in the European Journal of Preventive Cardiology."

George comments:
I wonder if it ever occurred to these researchers, that older people lose strength and that is the reason that they cannot rise without using their hands. And it follows that, the older a person gets, the more likely they are to die.

Such nonsense!

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Electronic choices

Yesterday I went to an AT&T store and got myself an iPhone 5s. The 5s is likely the most advanced iPhone available at this time. This phone has stuff like fingerprint and voice recognition. I can sign on to using this iPhone with my thumbprint. I can talk to this iPhone and ask it questions. And the damned thing answers me too!

For quite awhile, I have been using an iPhone 3GS. The 3GS was introduced by Apple in June, 2009. That would make the 3GS five years old. There is a giant world of difference between a 3GS and a 5s. My feeling is that buyers of the 5s should be given a document cautioning them to beware of using this phone! 

Merely using an iPhone 5s to go shopping online brings the user in contact with merchants who use all manner of tools in order to get them to buy. Merchants know where you live. They keep track of the things that you shop for. And they try to sell you by contacting you on your iPhone with offers.

It is incredible!

Medicare Prescription Drug Plan
Did you know that we are required by law to be enrolled in a Medicare Prescription Drug Plan? I did not know that. But I received a letter from the government informing me that I failed to enroll in such a plan on May 16, 2006. Now I must pay a penalty for that lack of enrollment for the rest of my life.

The penalty amounts to about $30/month. So, for that $30, I get prescription drug coverage. I guess that if you look at this $30/month penalty in a certain way, it's like a premium. Hmmm?

Friday, May 16, 2014

Living an unplanned life

It seems to me that RVers with medical and/or physical challenges wonder constantly about our destiny. We may wonder if we should continue to actively RV travel after it is no longer prudent for us to continue the RVing life style.

My RVing life began in 2003 on the very day that my oncologist informed me that my non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer was in remission. I did not know at that time, that I had almost 10-years of good health in front of me. So, I drove off expecting to get sick somewhere far away from the support of friends and family. It didn't happen!

It was not until somewhere in 2012 that I began to have problems with getting dizzy. I never connected being dizzy with problems of my heart. Because my cardiologist in Mexico told me that my heart would be good even when I reached my 90s. However, my cardiologist in Mexico was wrong. Last March after I passed out while driving MsTioga, my emergency room doctor gave me an angiogram test which showed that I had one blocked heart artery and a very badly operating aortic valve. I needed open-heart surgery quickly!

After my blocked heart artery was bypassed, and aortic valve replaced, I had a decision to make. Would I continue to live the RVing life? But I was lucky with that decision. I had been living the life of an RVing vagabond for about a decade. And I had travelled to all of the places that I had hoped to visit. Not only once, but I travelled to these places several times. When I looked inside myself, I now found that I no longer yearned to be on-the-road constantly as I had yearned for many years.

So, I made my decision to live in the senior apartment house where I live now. It's called, "Guava Gardens". Every tenant here must be 62+ years. La Mesa, California where Guava Gardens is located, is a wonderful environment for me. Modern shops filled with everything that I would ever want to buy. Lots of senior citizen support too. Kaiser Medical a short distance away. My friends and relatives are close too.

However, I am keeping my destiny in an unplanned condition. Playing my destiny by ear, so to speak. At a moment's notice, I can buy another RV and be off and running around again. Even the new car that I bought speaks to that possibility. It's a Honda Fit. A car that would make a wonderful toad. Very small and light. And may be towed four flat!

I am "Living an unplanned life".


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Heading home!

The Pacific Sunliner Train #774 pulled out of Santa Barbara's Amtrak Station 15 minutes late. Only 8 minutes later we were traveling next to the beach, which is sooooo gorgeous!

Uncle Seymour
12 Noon - San Diego/Camp Pendleton Fire!
Amtrak halted my train when we arrived at Union Station in Los Angeles. There is a huge fire burning in San Diego County. However, Amtrak dispatched another train only 3 hours later. This train left Los Angeles bound for San Diego at 3pm. Strange. But true!

According to internet news, the fire continues at this time, and is only 25% contained. We passengers are hoping for the best. Only time will tell !!

Monday, May 12, 2014

Amtrak to Santa Barbara

This morning a taxi picks me up at my Guavas Garden apartment and brings me to the San Diego Trolley Station on the Orange Line in La Mesa. The last station of the Orange Line is only a few steps from the Amtrak train's "San" station. My train pulls out of the San station around 9:30am.

I am going north to Santa Barbara for a couple of days to visit with Uncle Seymour and Aunt Shirley! This is a 5+ hour train trip vs a 3.5 hour car trip. But I don't have to drive! Pretty neat, huh?

5:45am - Walking to Trolley
After looking closely at the Google Map, I decided to walk to the La Mesa Blvd Trolley Station! This station is only 7/10 of a mile from Guavas Gardens. Why take a taxi?

Kaiser wants me to walk at a minimum of 1/2 hour daily. And this walk to the La Mesa Blvd Trolley Station should only take me 15 minutes.

9:25am - Exactly on time!
Train #769, Pacific Surfliner just pulled out - exactly on time. I've got a great seat that has 120 volt AC electric power. And a really good WiFi  connection too. What more could I want?

I can't comment
For some reason, I am unable to make comments on my own blog! Also, unable to reply to your comments. Weird.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catching up

During all the years that I vagabonded with MsTioga, I used Microsoft Windows located programs to edit photo images and move them to my website. This meant that I had to be able to run Microsoft on my MacBook. I used a program named, "VMware Fusion" in order to accomplish this task.

However, since I am now making all of these changes in my life, I came to the decision that I should learn how to do "image editing" and "image moving" without using any Microsoft stuff. I had a hunch that using only Apple stuff, was not only easier than using Microsoft, but safer too. When I write safer, I mean safe from virus attack.

This morning I wanted to share with you a pic of the flowers growing on my balcony. Since the only camera that I have now, is the one included with my iPhone 3G, the "flower image file" had to be moved from the iPhone to iPhoto for editing. Then from iPhoto to Blogger for sharing with you!

As you may see from the flower pic below, somehow I was able to do all of this. But I really do not know how I did it yet. Because for some reason, I am one of those people who have to do these computer things several times in order to learn them.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Apple Bragging

This may only mean something significant, if you happen to be an Apple/Macintosh person:

1. This morning I backed up my MacBook Pro computer to my newly acquired Airport Time Capsule.
2. I upgraded my Mac's operating system from Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.9.2

And it all went down without a glitch!

My Guava Gardens apartment is becoming more and more eclectic. Yesterday FedEX delivered a 4 foot tall lamp! I bought it at Amazon. This 4 foot tall lamp is now shining brightly from the bedside 2-drawer cabinet.

Also arriving yesterday, was a another lamp with a ceramic turquoise blue base and a beige shade. This lamp had an assembly problem, and I am taking it over to Lamps Plus this morning for their help.

Scheduled to arrive this afternoon from Lazy Boy Furniture is the new motorized recliner! Wow! I am sooooo excited about that!

PS: After the Lazy Boy and turquoise lamp are in place, I'll be taking pics with the iPhone's camera.

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Driver's License

This afternoon I went to an appointment with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles). I had to take a written test of my knowledge of the DMV code in order to obtain a driver's license here in the State of California.

When my son David died back in 2010, I lost my California address at his home. So, I began using the services of Americas Mailbox located in South Dakota in order to obtain a South Dakota address. Americas Mailbox had a good reputation among the RV.NET crowd. And that was good enough for me.

I registered MsTioga in the State of South Dakota, and also got myself a South Dakota driver's license. However, when I moved into my Guava Gardens apartment last month, it became very clear that it was time for me to once more get a license in the State of California.

The DMV has their Motor Vehicle Handbook downloadable on the internet. I've been reading that Handbook for awhile, and believe that studying it has made me a better driver!

I past that test. Only one error.

Began driving in 1948
I first got a California driver's license in 1953 when I was 16 years old. But I began driving a tiny Harley-Davidson motorcycle without having a license in 1948 when I had only 11 years! My Dad was very permissive and my Mom went along with what my Dad said.

I drove that little Harley all over the place. When I was about 15 years old, I took off for Death Valley. That was quite an adventure, because that Harley had a top speed of only 25 miles per hour. I remember bunking down for the night in a gas station that was under construction in Baker, California. Back then, the Town of Baker was tiny. Very different from now.

I was a naive kid back in 1953. Everything that I knew about that Death Valley trip I learned from watching "Death Valley Days" on TV. Remember that was when Ronald Reagan was the host of that show?

I really believed that if the Sun came up and shown down on me during the day while I was inside that Valley, that I would die!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Stick Home vs RV

Yesterday evening as I was taking a hot bath in my wonderfully long tub, my mind turned to comparing my times living in MsTioga with my times now at Guava Gardens. I was wondering, "Which is best?"

You know something? These two, it seems to me, are NOT comparable. Living in MsTioga is sooooo different from living at Guava Gardens! I wouldn't give up one second of my RVing times with MsTioga. And yet, I would not give up my life now at Guava Gardens to return to my life in MsTioga.

My times with MsTioga began at the perfect time in my life. I was retired, and my struggle with cancer was finished. MsTioga entered my life on the exact day that my oncologist told me that my cancer was in remission. How perfect is that?

Guava Gardens entered my life shortly after MsTioga's fateful demise on March 15, 2014. About a month later in April, I had pretty much recovered from open heart surgery and had begun looking for a place to live. But I had no clue what kind of place that would be. Then.....out of the blue, a real estate lady mentioned, "Guava Gardens" to me.

I phoned Guava, and guess what Rosie the manager of Guava Gardens told me?  "An empty studio apartment just became available. Our maintenance man is just finishing it up. Do you want to take a look?" How perfect is that?

Luck or destiny
I seem to be living an extraordinarily lucky life. I've had very tough challenges along my road. Got knocked on my butt many times. But somehow, always landed on my feet.

During my travels with MsTioga, we seemed to stumble across wonderful adventures together. MsTioga and I always believed that if we kept our minds open, we would travel the right paths. And that is exactly what happened! Time and time again we came across wonderful places. Places that we wanted to share with you.

But let's think about that a moment. Does it seem as though MsTioga and I were being guided? If the answer to that question is,  "Yes", that would take where we went out of the category of luck, and smack into destiny's territory.

And yet.........?

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The mess

The mess that overwhelmed my apartment seemed to get cleared up this morning. No more piles of papers on the carpet! Is it always that way? At first a ton of disorganization. Then one day it's all cleaned up?

Furniture coming
More furniture has been ordered and should be inside the apartment by this time next week. Yesterday a phone call came from the Lazy Boy company. My motorized recliner is on its way here!

Also, two wood chairs. One for the kitchen counter. The other wood chair for a guest.

Three lamps too! One for the night stand. Another, a floor lamp that will stand next to the apartment's front door. The third lamp is for the desk.

Rejoined the "Y"
Yesterday afternoon I rejoined the YMCA branch here in the City of La Mesa. I must get busy being much, much more disciplined with my physical activity. Kaiser's diagnosis of osteoporosis for me is a wakeup call. Only hope that I did not wake up too late!

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Sunday morning

Now that I've been diagnosed with osteoporosis, I must be disciplined in order to halt, or better yet, turn-back this affliction of my bones! So, off I went on my Sunday morning walk. It's all down hill to Alvarado Road. Then this streets circles around and heads up hill.

I found a low brick wall for a seat along Alvarado Road. Then phoned Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour to tell them how I am doing, and find out how they are both doing too. Seymour wanted to know about public transportation down here in San Diego County.

I asked Seymour why he is so interested in public transportation in San Diego? "It's to find out what you will take to next come north to visit Shirley and me", Seymour replied.

I guess I am soon traveling north to visit Seymour and Shirley!

Thomas cleans the parking lot
After my phone call, I continued up the street and soon was entering the shopping center parking lot on the corner Baltimore Drive and El Cajon Boulevard. A Latin looking man was picking up trash in the shopping center parking lot. His name is Thomas, a Mexican man from the State of Nayarit in Mexico. Wow! As you may know, I used to spend my winters in the State of Nayarit.

Thomas and I spent about 1/2 an hour talking about our times down in Nayarit. Comparing rent costs down there, with rent costs up here in San Diego County. Rent down there costs about $100US/month. San Diego area rent costs about $900/month.

Thomas talked to me using his best English and a lot of Spanish. I spoke to Thomas using my Spanish. It's a good time talking like that!

I stopped at the Starbucks in the shopping center and ordered a large Carmel Cappuccino. Yummy! Lots of whipped cream with carmel sauce. Not really good for me. But, what the hell!

Hot bath
Back at Guava Gardens Apartment, I visited with some neighbors having a sale across the street on their front lawn. Then I chatted with some of my co-tenants browsing the sale too.

Then I went back to my apartment and filled my tub for a hot bath. Of course I setup my little BlueTooth Speaker and played Pandora Music for the 70s and 80s. Jim Croce, James Taylor, Carley Simon, Hall and Oates, etc.

A few weeks ago, I did not even know what "BlueTooth" meant. Now I am using it!

Friday, May 02, 2014

Sedentary No More!

Yesterday I took a Dexa Scan test at Kaiser [link]. This is a test to measure bone density. Apparently I have bone loss. Osteoporosis! My T-score is -2.9, which is not good!

Now Kaiser has me on a medication called, "Alendronate". Also, Calcium and Vitamin D supplements. But the biggest suggested change by Kaiser, is to get up off my butt and walk! So, I went for a walk this morning. And I am going on another walk this evening.  One hour's worth of walking every day. About 5,000 steps.

Since I tend to over-do things, and also tend to be very habitual, I am guessing that if I do this active life-style change for awhile, that I should wind up walking for a whole hour each morning and each evening.

Got to eat better too! Can't miss breakfast which includes milk, yogurt and orange juice.

My Guava Gardens apartment... filling up. A couple of days ago arrived a 2-drawer bedside cabinet and the "volleyball" chair. Yesterday FedEX delivered the 3-drawer office cabinet that I bought from Amazon. It is amazing how much stuff that was a scattered mess on the kitchen counter, is now neatly stored in this office cabinet. The bottom drawer of this office cabinet is for my hanging file folders.

A desk is coming today too! It's called "Typhoon Desk" and is colored white. Has a glass top. Inexpensive too...$130. With this desk comes a neat LED lamp - with 5 stages of brightness. The lamp is black.

This morning from Best Buy, comes my 50" Samsung TV! The TV will sit on a metal and glass stand. All of this TV stuff is being delivered, set-up and installed by what Best Buy calls, "The Geek Squad". All that I have to do with setting up this TV is to direct the operation!

Already delivered and working is the Cox Communications cable box which controls the TV signal. A really fancy Wireless Modem is already connected up to the Cox cable broadcasting WiFi all over the apartment. Really fast WiFi too. 350GB of data per month!