Friday, May 09, 2014

Apple Bragging

This may only mean something significant, if you happen to be an Apple/Macintosh person:

1. This morning I backed up my MacBook Pro computer to my newly acquired Airport Time Capsule.
2. I upgraded my Mac's operating system from Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.8 to Mavericks 10.9.2

And it all went down without a glitch!

My Guava Gardens apartment is becoming more and more eclectic. Yesterday FedEX delivered a 4 foot tall lamp! I bought it at Amazon. This 4 foot tall lamp is now shining brightly from the bedside 2-drawer cabinet.

Also arriving yesterday, was a another lamp with a ceramic turquoise blue base and a beige shade. This lamp had an assembly problem, and I am taking it over to Lamps Plus this morning for their help.

Scheduled to arrive this afternoon from Lazy Boy Furniture is the new motorized recliner! Wow! I am sooooo excited about that!

PS: After the Lazy Boy and turquoise lamp are in place, I'll be taking pics with the iPhone's camera.


  1. What size motor did you get in that chair George. Gas or Diesel? 8 cylinder?? Turbo?? :))

  2. I love the color turquoise. I also happen to like black and white and bright, vibrant colors like in Mexico. Colors you would think wouldn't go together work wonderfully.

  3. I used to have a super comfortable, super soft recliner. It reclined, rocked and swiveled - I loved it. I hope your new recliner is every bit as comfortable! I used to buy lamps at Lamps Plus, too - that's a great store with lots to choose from and reasonable prices, I thought. Looking forward to the photos. :)

  4. I love my Lazy Boy - but mine is not motorized. Loved Al's comment.

  5. Thought it funny that you talked about getting more exercise, then ordered a motorized recliner! No matter. Any day is a better day when I know what is happening in your world. I, too, am looking forward to those pictures.

  6. Apple products are the best! Loving my iPad but thinking about getting a Mac Book Pro before I retire. Eclectic spsaces are the best and love the turquoise!

  7. Oh WoW, AL is all over your recliner with his comments. !!! And you know he is a recliner expert or so it seems .... Things in your new home seem to be shaping up and colorful .... Thanks for sharing. !!!

  8. George I have spent some time recently going through your blog of the last 10 years. I followed it from the start as you probably know, and it suddenly occurred to me; your photography for such a long time always included you, but not as the subject, but as an observer. You always showed us what you were looking at and what you felt was a nice scene, but we always saw your backside. I think that was a stroke of genius.

  9. What fun you are having, George. Keep up the good work. ;->

    Virtual hugs,