Sunday, May 11, 2014

Catching up

During all the years that I vagabonded with MsTioga, I used Microsoft Windows located programs to edit photo images and move them to my website. This meant that I had to be able to run Microsoft on my MacBook. I used a program named, "VMware Fusion" in order to accomplish this task.

However, since I am now making all of these changes in my life, I came to the decision that I should learn how to do "image editing" and "image moving" without using any Microsoft stuff. I had a hunch that using only Apple stuff, was not only easier than using Microsoft, but safer too. When I write safer, I mean safe from virus attack.

This morning I wanted to share with you a pic of the flowers growing on my balcony. Since the only camera that I have now, is the one included with my iPhone 3G, the "flower image file" had to be moved from the iPhone to iPhoto for editing. Then from iPhoto to Blogger for sharing with you!

As you may see from the flower pic below, somehow I was able to do all of this. But I really do not know how I did it yet. Because for some reason, I am one of those people who have to do these computer things several times in order to learn them.


  1. I also need to do things multiple times. Even then, I come back to the same task a week or so later and I've forgotten what I just learned.
    The only solution I've found is to not get old.
    Enjoy your new digs.

  2. I like your cactus and flowers. I sure need to learn photo editing!

    1. Nan ... do you have a PC or Apple computer? I might be able to help you with editing.

  3. It took me a while to get use to iPhoto from Windows when I went from a PC to an iMac 4 years ago. At the time I liked Window Pictures much better but after I figured out how to edit photos in iPhoto it was ok.

    If you click on your picture, lower right hit 'edit', upper right I like to click 'enhance' first because that usually takes care of a lot of my problems. Then if you click the arrow just to the upper right ...that will take you to the next photo to edit and will automatically save your changes to previous photos.

    I like your apt. I keep wondering how much longer I want to be a home owner with full time travel and then an apt as my end plan. I can't wait to see more of your photos.

  4. I also need to do processes over and over again but when I catch on it usually stays in my head. Very pretty, colourful flowers.

  5. I use Microsoft also for my photo editing. I just find it easier than a photo editing program. Nice that Apple has everything connected, and it should be a nice change for you. Some day I'd like to be an Apple person, too, but for now I love my PC. I also love your balcony with the flowers and the tree-top view. What a great place to have your morning coffee or afternoon tea. :)

  6. Looking good George. You're correct, it will be easier once you get the hang of it. Take care.

  7. I feel lucky that I stumbled on to sharing my pictures with Picasa Web Albums so many years ago. Now I have several cameras, PCs, Macs, iPad, and Android phone - through all the changes my pictures still to go Picasa Web Albums (now Google+ Photos) and it's easy to add them to my Blog from there.
    So glad to see you posting again George ... and enjoying the transition to the stick and brick life. Still an adventure!

  8. Do you have your iPhone synched to your MacBook. If you do, the photos from your iPhone will go into iPhoto, where you can import only the ones you want to save / edit. Once they're in iPhoto you can edit them and then export them to PICTURES or your Desktop. Many of my iPhone photos I use only once or twice and then just let them sit in iPhoto - just in case I might like to use them again.
    I've alway had more than one cameras, but am now finding that it's just so easy to get snap shots on my iPhone and once they're edited, they're often as good as pics from any camera!

  9. What about a bird feeder on the balcony?

  10. When my Windows computer was attacked by a virus for the umpteenth time I decided it was time to buy a MacBook Pro. Since getting it I now use IPhoto for all my pics. It took a while to get used to it versus Picasso but I am now used to it and love it.

    I am glad you are still blogging about your new life. After all, there will be a time when many of us come off the road and your posts are truly helpful.