Friday, May 16, 2014

Living an unplanned life

It seems to me that RVers with medical and/or physical challenges wonder constantly about our destiny. We may wonder if we should continue to actively RV travel after it is no longer prudent for us to continue the RVing life style.

My RVing life began in 2003 on the very day that my oncologist informed me that my non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer was in remission. I did not know at that time, that I had almost 10-years of good health in front of me. So, I drove off expecting to get sick somewhere far away from the support of friends and family. It didn't happen!

It was not until somewhere in 2012 that I began to have problems with getting dizzy. I never connected being dizzy with problems of my heart. Because my cardiologist in Mexico told me that my heart would be good even when I reached my 90s. However, my cardiologist in Mexico was wrong. Last March after I passed out while driving MsTioga, my emergency room doctor gave me an angiogram test which showed that I had one blocked heart artery and a very badly operating aortic valve. I needed open-heart surgery quickly!

After my blocked heart artery was bypassed, and aortic valve replaced, I had a decision to make. Would I continue to live the RVing life? But I was lucky with that decision. I had been living the life of an RVing vagabond for about a decade. And I had travelled to all of the places that I had hoped to visit. Not only once, but I travelled to these places several times. When I looked inside myself, I now found that I no longer yearned to be on-the-road constantly as I had yearned for many years.

So, I made my decision to live in the senior apartment house where I live now. It's called, "Guava Gardens". Every tenant here must be 62+ years. La Mesa, California where Guava Gardens is located, is a wonderful environment for me. Modern shops filled with everything that I would ever want to buy. Lots of senior citizen support too. Kaiser Medical a short distance away. My friends and relatives are close too.

However, I am keeping my destiny in an unplanned condition. Playing my destiny by ear, so to speak. At a moment's notice, I can buy another RV and be off and running around again. Even the new car that I bought speaks to that possibility. It's a Honda Fit. A car that would make a wonderful toad. Very small and light. And may be towed four flat!

I am "Living an unplanned life".



  1. Such a great way to face life!

  2. Glad to see you're feeling well. Sounds like a nice apartment you have there.. Larry

  3. Interesting (and prudent!) that you bought a car that would make good toad! Much love from Frederika and me as we blunder on towards our fulll-time launch! We have been sleeping in the Lazy Daze for most of the past month (and it is soooo comfortable - we both sleep like babies!). I am still working on getting rid of the old Lindy (here's a caution to others: old motorhomes are hard to dispose of unless they are re-sellable - i.e. driveable and in relatively good shape!). We have sworn we will not pay another month's rent! (If you remember, it was May 14 three years ago that you attended our wedding in Encinitas...we celebrated the actual date by having a new fridge installed - tonight we are going to a concert by some very talented friends!)

  4. You are not done yet George, get you another RV and go and find more adventure. We all miss you posting two three times a day. Good luck with whatever you do.

  5. I very much like your outlook on life! Nothing written in stone. Who knows where life will lead you! Keep on trucking.

  6. I still check several times a day to see if you have posted. As for the "unplanned life", I had to laugh. When you think about it, most, if not all, of us lead unplanned lives, whether that is our intention or not! Remember the poem about the best-laid plans of mice and men? Anyway, I understand that you are keeping your options open.

  7. heyya jorge!

    you were there when the beatles sang 'baby you can drive my car...' the road is your blood and you know it... all you need is a driver, dude.