Saturday, May 24, 2014

Luck or Guardian Angel?

When I was the vagabond Tioga George and teamed up with the famous RV, MsTioga, we wandered all over the Western United States and Mexico. MsTioga and I lived free as birds. We didn't pay rent.

Somehow where we wandered brought us to amazing adventures. Back then, I took some notice of of how we always seemed to have something really interesting to share with you. But I really did not pay it much heed. I took what happened for granted. And, I guess that I chalked it up to being lucky. But now, I am beginning to wonder if what happens to me is luck? Or, should it be attributed to something more?

Guardian Angel?
For example, take what happened to me last March 15th. I passed out while driving on Interstate 5, and wound up in a field alongside the highway. MsTioga was completely destroyed. But I only had a little bump near my eye.

If I had not had that accident, I would not have been taken to the hospital in Bakersfield where coincidentally, a cardiologist was assigned for duty in the Emergency Room. That cardiologist decided that I needed an angiogram. And that was when it was discovered that I had one blocked heart artery and an aortic valve in my heart that needed replacement.

Since then
Look at what has happened since the Bakersfield incident. My friends John and Mimi invited me to stay in their motorhome during my recovery period.

Only two months after my open heart surgery, I found this absolutely wonderful place to live. Guava Gardens Apartments. My huge kitchen window looks out at an open-space field that is filled with huge wonderful green trees.

I have a waterfall on my kitchen counter. The waterfall is surrounded by flowers growing in planter pots. When I ate breakfast this morning, the waterfall is only an arm's length away.

Could all of this just be luck?


  1. I think ... since you have the ability to make lemonade out of lemons mindset, the universe likes you and wants to keep you around.


  2. We all tend to make our own "luck" I feel. There are always choices to be made, and the balance of probabilities is such that good choices mostly end up being "lucky".

  3. My own spiritual belief is that their are angels among us. Those angels a sent via humans, animals,, and special encounters that let us know that we are not alone, that God always walks with us. There is a country song by the country group Alabama, that sings it perfectly in my mind, Angels Among Us (I think that is the title.) Check out the song on YouTube. I believe with all my heart, that those Angeles were with you the day of the accident, when you had surgery and all the moments you might have felt alone were it not for their presence. Yes, I believe there are Agelels making us not because of the song, but because I have had events in my life that have shown me

  4. George, it is definitely NOT luck. God has truly provided for you. Prayer for you, continues. Blessings, and love... Lynn

  5. There are 7 billions human beings on earth and to think that God only look after a few is absurd!!!!!!!!. Why has to ask ? just live and enjoy life as it is. The Universe is infinite. You will never have all the answers.
    Just be grateful for what is.

  6. Wonderful experiences / changes in my life have often come as result of a change or occurrence outside of me. I don't believe in coincidence either; but more in ability to anticipate and accept change to look for the next adventure. I'm in one of those 'change' times, myself, right now. I work to keep an open mind to let the possibilities come to the surface. Stay tuned!!!

  7. George, that picture looks like a little bit of the garden of Eden, amazing how you come across all these wonderful things. I am for sure waiting to see that bird that will grace the picture. Warren

  8. My first thought is when you weren't comfortable taking that property in Mexico. God is watching over you like all humans, he made us and he has a plan. You've done well in hearing and being aware of His protection.

    It's so great to have you blogging and telling us where you are and what's happening.

    When we leave the full timing lifestyle, I love to get a waterfall, how soothing and the plants around it is so pretty.

  9. Come on, George!!! Posting photos like your kitchen waterfall and plants makes me want a kitchen like that! I love the way you've just folded into your new lifestyle and am so excited for you. But you have to admit you're a really positive person and you DO make the best of what you can't control. That's such a blessing, isn't it? :)

  10. George, I am so glad that you are feeling so much better (but you really should get that PET scan). And, I love that you are blogging again. It is just like a little neighborly chat over the fence. We care how you are doing