Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Memorial Day invitation

Yesterday I was invited to John & Mimi's home for what John described as "Shrimp Sumhow". This is a wonderful shrimp dish that Mimi prepares. Mimi bought large plump shrimp that were sooooo good. Yummm!

John and I have a lot of things in common. And one of those things is gardening. John has a wine barrel size pond in his yard with lots of waterborne plants growing. John's little pond has tiny water pump which sends water bubbling from a rock that sits above his pond.

 I want to get something like John's pond for my balcony. I've been keeping my eyes open to buy one. My thinking is to place my pond on a table that will bring the water at just about the level of the balcony railing.

I would love for birds to be attracted to my pond's bubbler just as birds are attracted to John's pond! While we were lounging in the garden yesterday, a very adorable finch landed at the edge of his pond. Then the little bird ambled over to the bubbler to drink! Man-O-Man!

Hunter's Nursery
While searching online, I located Hunter's Nursery a short distance away from my Guava Gardens apartment. The easiest thing to do is to just drive in the Honda car to Hunter's Nursery, shop for stuff and bring it back home.

However, I have decided to do most of my wandering around using my Prodeco electric bike. It's a lot more fun for me to bike around rather than drive. While biking, I seem to learn a lot more about the neighborhood than when driving.

My plan is to bike to Hunter's Nursery this morning. I was reading online about fuchsia flowers and want to shop for this flower at Hunter's. Fuchsias are gorgeous, and I would like to have a couple of fuchsia baskets out on my balcony.


  1. George, I just found your blogsite again. So glad you're posting daily. Have you ever looked into tai chi? It's supposed to be wonderful for seniors.

  2. Fuchias would be great on the balcony. I think they require little direct sunlight.

  3. I guess Fuchsias do not grow in Texas - saw them for the first time a couple of years ago in Oregon. They are beautiful and so unique.
    George, check out our new RV travel blog at arlonboozer.blogspot.com

  4. George, Good to see your back online,,,I have been following you for years,,,,,,Best Wishes Ted