Monday, May 19, 2014

Physical exercise

Yesterday I blogged about a story about older people who have to use their hands to get up off the floor. I am one of those people. It is sooooo important that I physically exercise in order to maintain and hopefully improve my physical self! But I find it very difficult to go to the YMCA and work out. I just do not like going to the "Y"!

I am hoping on hope that I am able to eventually get into the groove, exercise wise. I've begun doing some regular exercise while inside my apartment. Mostly with my legs. I do "deep-knee bends" while holding on to a door handle. Very hard for me!

My balcony garden
The flowers growing in the garden located on my balcony are looking good. Lots of blooms. I'm planning to put a small waterfall in the rear corner of this garden which will look something like [this]. There will be landscaping around the waterfall located in a raised planter box.

It would be really neat if birds came to bathe and drink this water.

Swiffer Dusters
A reader suggested using Swiffer Dusters for tackling the dust problem at my Guava Gardens apartment. I bought a Swiffer kit today, consisting of (1) handle and (5) dusters. Wow!

Swiffer works great. The dust comes off the furniture and sticks to the Swiffer. Dust does not just spread around as it does with a feather duster.

I also like the fact that Swiffer is produced by Procter and Gamble, and I am an investor with P&G. This means that I am kind of buying Swiffer from myself!


  1. You can be sure the birds will find the water. Neat idea. Becki

  2. I have needed my hands to get off the floor ever since I was a kid and I am still alive!

  3. I use a combination of pilate and yoga for strenghtening exercise. I don't think you a gym for that. I also have weights at home that I use for arms. My physical therapist show me a few exercises I can do to strenthen legs...sit on your desk chair and use your feet to scoot around was one. I see you have a chair you can scoot around on.

  4. You might think about getting a Nintendo Wii. Hook it up to your TV and you can do many, many kinds of exercises with it, like yoga, running, boxing, stepping - too many to mention here. It is a great exercise thing, and keeps track of your weight and BMI as well as tracking your different exercises - how well you do, if this time is better than last time, etc. I should use mine much more than I do, but I love it. :)

  5. Get you a set of workout DVD's or find some on youtube with your new fast connection. This is what I use to keep fit while full-timing.

  6. George, there are a lot of exercise videos on You Tube. It may take awhile to find a few that would work for you, but they are free! Some simple yoga poses and walking in your neighborhood would be a great workout.

  7. We have enjoyed our own version of T'ai Chi. No need for a gym. Strengthening exercises can be done with hand weights - again no need to get in the car to go somewhere to do exercises. You can do them at home when the mood strikes. There are also elastic bands that you can use for arm and leg exercises. There are also pulleys that you can loop over a door for this sort of exercising.

    Many insurance companies have programs and equipment free, or at tiny prices, to encourage their members to stay in good health. The better their customers' health, the less money they have to pay out, so they have the incentive to help you.

    Virtual hugs,


  8. After my CABG X3, my cardiologist suggested a one hour water (pool) based Pilates class run by the local YWCA. It was supervised by a cardiologist at a different firm, deploying RN's in training for the cardiology wing and hospitalist residents. Each day, ie 3x a week, they'd check heart rate and rhythm , blood sugar and SpO 2. An hour of aerobic exercise, 15 minutes cool down floating on your back, a hot shower and you are off to a great start for the day. Not something I could keep up on the road, but if I'd keelhauled on the strand like you I would be back at it in a heartbeat.