Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Stick Home vs RV

Yesterday evening as I was taking a hot bath in my wonderfully long tub, my mind turned to comparing my times living in MsTioga with my times now at Guava Gardens. I was wondering, "Which is best?"

You know something? These two, it seems to me, are NOT comparable. Living in MsTioga is sooooo different from living at Guava Gardens! I wouldn't give up one second of my RVing times with MsTioga. And yet, I would not give up my life now at Guava Gardens to return to my life in MsTioga.

My times with MsTioga began at the perfect time in my life. I was retired, and my struggle with cancer was finished. MsTioga entered my life on the exact day that my oncologist told me that my cancer was in remission. How perfect is that?

Guava Gardens entered my life shortly after MsTioga's fateful demise on March 15, 2014. About a month later in April, I had pretty much recovered from open heart surgery and had begun looking for a place to live. But I had no clue what kind of place that would be. Then.....out of the blue, a real estate lady mentioned, "Guava Gardens" to me.

I phoned Guava, and guess what Rosie the manager of Guava Gardens told me?  "An empty studio apartment just became available. Our maintenance man is just finishing it up. Do you want to take a look?" How perfect is that?

Luck or destiny
I seem to be living an extraordinarily lucky life. I've had very tough challenges along my road. Got knocked on my butt many times. But somehow, always landed on my feet.

During my travels with MsTioga, we seemed to stumble across wonderful adventures together. MsTioga and I always believed that if we kept our minds open, we would travel the right paths. And that is exactly what happened! Time and time again we came across wonderful places. Places that we wanted to share with you.

But let's think about that a moment. Does it seem as though MsTioga and I were being guided? If the answer to that question is,  "Yes", that would take where we went out of the category of luck, and smack into destiny's territory.

And yet.........?


  1. Interesting comparisons George. I think much of the result is because of your approach, and your choice to be positive. Keep it up and you're sure to have more wonderful experiences. Take care.

  2. I agree; there's no comparison to be made. I'm currently "living" at my daughter's house as I recover from total knee surgery. It's nice - I have my own room and bathroom. For me I've come to the conclusion that I don't need very much space at all. I don't avail myself of all the room they have in this house. I'm very content in my little area. And, that's the way I feel about my RV. My Fleetwood Flair is only 25 feet long but seems like plenty of room for a single person. One of the things I do love about the RV lifestyle is that I can change my yard at will. I tell my dog, Lacy, each time we move, "We're trying out a new backyard!"

  3. Hey George, Marty in NE Ohio checking in,

    Passing along a link for a young man named Eric and his cat Jax that live in Washington State in a Tioga, for you and your readers to enjoy.

  4. Interesting question. I must think about this some more. Sometimes things turn out right for me even though at the beginning it did not look so.

  5. luck and destiny are sometimes the same thing...we are own of both.

  6. I think good luck comes to people who are open to change and/or prepared. Accepting something that happens to you and turns your life around and making those lemons into lemonade is something not everyone can do. You can. I can. I'd bet most full-timers can. We accept and enjoy our lives and get on with it. Lucky us. :)

  7. Stick Home VS RV...
    That's the message I wrote to you.. You as a trusted voice to share this beyond RV fulltime lifestyle.

  8. Serendipity, luck, karma,'s all there. That's the most fantastic thing about life!

  9. I think being open to the Universe and your great attitude will always serve you well George! I love following this new adventure of yours!


  10. Your great attitude was always open to doing adventurous things. You are not afraid of change and that has allowed you to do so many varied things.

  11. The book:Destiny of Souls would say that you have a very helpful "guiding spirit"

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