Tuesday, May 06, 2014

The mess

The mess that overwhelmed my apartment seemed to get cleared up this morning. No more piles of papers on the carpet! Is it always that way? At first a ton of disorganization. Then one day it's all cleaned up?

Furniture coming
More furniture has been ordered and should be inside the apartment by this time next week. Yesterday a phone call came from the Lazy Boy company. My motorized recliner is on its way here!

Also, two wood chairs. One for the kitchen counter. The other wood chair for a guest.

Three lamps too! One for the night stand. Another, a floor lamp that will stand next to the apartment's front door. The third lamp is for the desk.

Rejoined the "Y"
Yesterday afternoon I rejoined the YMCA branch here in the City of La Mesa. I must get busy being much, much more disciplined with my physical activity. Kaiser's diagnosis of osteoporosis for me is a wakeup call. Only hope that I did not wake up too late!


  1. If you leave a saucer of milk by the mess, the leprechauns will clean it up overnight! Sounds like the apartment is coming along great. Steve

  2. I don't think it's too late to turn your osteoporosis around. I did, by taking Foxamax, Calcium and Vitamin D. Along with exercise. My bone density test started to improve over time.

    The Y is a great place to belong.

  3. Sometimes you really amaze me with your determination.

  4. I hope you have checked on the Silver & Fit program that Kaiser offers for Seniors. If not, you should ask them about it. I believe it includes a membership at the Y.

  5. George, I am so happy that your medical team found your osteoporosis early. Everything you are doing is going to have a positive effect.

  6. Hi George. You are going to enjoy living in La Mesa. It is a very convenient town. I would be happy to direct to different shopping areas, You have a Sprouts and a Trader Joes quite near as well as 2 Walmarts! Vons is just a matter of blocks away, Costco is just down the street, There is an interesting Mediterranean market with great prices close to coctco. Also Albertsons and Fresh and easy! Over by the YMCA there is a Soup Plantation. Target, world market and a movie theater are over at Grossmont center. Welcome to East County! Janet, your friend from El Cajon ...your email link is not working, Do you have a new one? Let's have lunch one day!

  7. Good morning. In addition to exercise, you might do some research on using the supplements Strontium & Bone Solid for osteoporosis. I have actually been able to convert areas of osteoporosis and osteopenia to good bone without any problems. I've been using these 2 supplements for several years now & I have gone from actually having teeth break off to having good solid bones!