Tuesday, May 20, 2014


A little while ago, the FedEx guy delivered my new waterfall. The plan was that this little waterfall would be part of my balcony garden. The tinkling of the little water cascade would be like wonderful music!

I was thinking of placing the waterfall in the rear of a planter box. Flowers and green plants would surround the waterfall. Man-O-man!

It took a little messing around in order to assemble the waterfall on the kitchen counter. My first try assembled it backwards. There was not enough plastic hose to reach the tiny submersible pump doing it backwards. But I finally figured it all out. It worked pretty good! Then I moved the waterfall from the kitchen counter out to the corner of the balcony.

It was not until I got the waterfall running on the balcony, that I became conscious of the traffic noise. The noise is loud enough to drown out the tinkling of the waterfall. Bummer!

So I moved the waterfall back to the kitchen counter. And that is where it will likely live. I love the sound that the waterfall makes.


  1. It will also collect a lot less dirt and debris in the water inside.

  2. Maybe a few potted flowers around it might me nice. Good for the eye and ear and the soul.

    1. I would love to put flowers around my indoor waterfall.


  3. I used to have a couple of little waterfalls in my condo. I loved them. When I'm again in a stationary place with electricity, I'm going to get one. It's such a soothing sound. :)