Saturday, May 31, 2014

Women's golf

I've been spending a lot of time over the past few days studying golf videos. And one conclusion that I've arrived at is that it is much better to watch women's golf videos than men's golf videos.

Why is this a true statement? Could it be that it's because women don't get their egos involved in golf lessons? Hmmmm?

But whatever it is, it seems to me that women golf trainers seem to be able to explain things so much better than the men! There is a video set that I really like. It's called, "Golf lessons by women for women" [link]


  1. George - I think it is remarkable that your heart surgery was short time ago, yet you are out there looking for new hobbies and adventures. My hat is off to you!
    Kathi (

    1. Thank you, Kathi! I feel that I am bounded only by my imagination. Also, I have some relatives and friends who give me great examples to follow.

      I am writing about my Uncle Seymour and my good friend, John Porter. These two seem to do things right.

  2. No George, it is because women are much nicer to look at than men. Some women might disagree.

  3. My sister started her golf training at the local community college...she loves golfing. I was into more fast paced sports i.e. tennis, racquetball, and running....and I love Pilates and aerobics. I my old age sometimes I dream I'm running up a mountain or hiking down grand canyon. I miss my youth but also love my old self :-)

  4. Doing a little shopping there George? I emailed you earlier today hope you get it.