Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Golf practice

Nearly every day I bike over to the nearby Sun Valley Golf Club to practice on their putting green. My thinking was, to get putting down solid, and then move on to chipping, pitching and finally hitting off the fairway and driving.

Well, I now believe that I have to change that thinking. Because there is really nothing in golf that anybody gets down solid including me. And that includes putting.

I am going to have to reconcile myself to practicing all parts of golf and hopefully get somewhat good at all of those parts. After that, I might be able to go play golf with friends.


  1. I use to play a lot of golf, sometimes a couple of rounds in a day ... what I found was if I was drving good and putting good, my short game sucked. Or if I couldn't put one day my short game was great and driving was average. Finally one early morning with the Washington fog hovering over the fairway, my playing partner, an older retired Admiral said "Steve, in a round of golf you will 5-7 great shots, but those 5-7 great shots will keep you combing back to play this great game of golf".

    Keep practicing ... it's a great game.

  2. George, I admire your persistence.

  3. Friends probably won't be much better than you are so get out there and play....LOL

  4. It's never too early to include friends...

  5. George I started playing in 1952 and am still no good!

  6. George, the best way to learn to play golf is to play golf. I think we all learn that lesson at some point or another. Get out on the course and have the time of your life!