Saturday, June 28, 2014


Doctor Lee is treating me with antibiotics for an infection in my foot. Doctor Lee did not tell me where this infection could have come from? I have no cut or sore on my foot? While I was with Doctor Lee, it did not occur to me to ask him why he felt that I had a foot infection.

Doctor Lee also mentioned the word "gout" while examining my right foot. But he gave me no instructions about gout.

When I told my friend John about Doctor Lee mentioning gout, John suggested that I drink pure cherry juice. John told me that he had a problem with gout, and pure cherry juice got him cured. John told me that Sprouts Market carries pure cherry juice.

Biking to Sprouts
It may seem strange to you,  but I am now able to ride my electric bike easier than I am able to walk! My electric bike is sort of like those 3-wheeled electric scooters that disabled people use.

I had no problem at all biking to the Sprouts Market to buy pure cherry juice.

If I had driven my Honda car to Sprouts, I would have lost my parking spot in front of my apartment house.


  1. That bicycle sure has been a great purchase. We use ours all the time (great parking), however ours are not e bikes like yours. You need to name the (team member) bike now. Hope your foot heals quickly. Steve & Carol

  2. I've had gout George. It usually results in sevier pain to the joint(s) in the big toe. It can be caused by diet, and in fact years and years ago it was called the"rich mans" disease because of all the rich foods they were assumed to eat.

  3. Ask Dr. Lee to do a Uric Acid level to be sure that's what going on. My husband has gout. The time to get it under control is now while it is just in your big toe joint. Hubby didn't find out until the gout was in his knees, hands and elbows. He is really stoved-up now. Cherries or cherry juice really help him, now that we know what it is.

  4. Have you considered getting a disabled car tag and then asking the apartment complex to designate a dibabled parking spot for you?

  5. Hi, George! I was wondering how in the world you could have an infection in your foot since you had not mentioned injuring yourself. Obviously I know nothing about gout. It seems that other readers do, though, and it's encouraging that they concur about the cherry juice. So helpful that you have the nifty bike to take you places. Hope the foot is better quick!

  6. I thought it might be diabetic related because if you bump or step on a rock and bruise your foot, it can become infected. That was why I asked if you asked doctor Lee why the infection. I know nothing about gout so I'll look it up. It's good to know pure cherry juice helps. Hope it doesn't reoccur...take care.