Saturday, June 21, 2014


I've got three kinds of plants growing in my pond now. The first is the Arc-En-Ciel Lily. Then came the Horsetail Rush. This morning I've added Impatiens!

First the Impatiens had their roots cleaned of soil. And then, I just dropped the Impatiens into the plastic container that holds the Horsetail Rush. If you look carefully at the pic below, you may find the Horsetail Rushes growing up thru the Impatiens. One of two leafs from the Lily is visible at the bottom of the pic.

When the Lily and Horsetail first arrived, I was not sure that they would survive. Especially the Horsetail which looked soooo puny. But as soon as these plants were in the pond, they sprouted to life! Especially the Horsetail which grew in size by at least 5 inches and now stands vertical instead of lying horizontal!

Wrong kind of soil
From my studying about ponds, I found that top soil should be used. I bought a bag of top soil from Lowe's. But it turned out to be the wrong kind of top soil! It was much too light and contained a lot of wood chips. When the container with the Lily was introduced into the pond, lots of this top soil simply floated up and around the pond!

Further study showed that the kind of top soil best for my pond could be obtained from the garden around my apartment house. Also, the local Armstrong Nursery sells a soil that they have made especially for ponds.

Do you see the Horsetail Rush growing from the Impatiens?


  1. I enjoy watching things grow - you have found some good hobbies for your new life.

  2. George you’re such and inspiration, sounds like you are having fun with all your new endeavors.

    Your place is coming right along. Since, you are forever learning and investigating new things I thought you might be interested in Aquaponics.

    Here is a site that has a small system and good DIY instructions. (Hope this link works)

    It could be fun as well as productive. Happy to see you’re doing well.

  3. Very nice George. I've always been interested in making one myself.

  4. Now that you are settled down, is it time for another "boid"?

    1. The apartment does not allow pets, or I would have already got a Boid.