Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sunlight from lights

This afternoon when I returned from my golf lesson, there was a package from waiting for me at my door. My first buy for pond plants is a Horsetail Rush [Equisetum hyemale] and a Arc-En-Ciel [Changeable Pink Hardy Lily].

Horsetail Rush


Since my balcony faces northwest, it seemed that I would be mostly out-of-luck if I wished to cultivate flowers for my pond's lily plants. But then I stumbled upon a website that gave information about fluorescent bulbs that artificially provide light energy for gardeners who want to grow flowers in shady areas. 

Wow! It looks as though I may have "lucked out" again!


  1. Looking forward to seeing more pictures of your garden.

  2. Mister G Look in home depot or lowes there called grow lights
    They mimic sunlight and Are used to help some folks to ward off light deficiency pickup a shop bench light and change the lamps and u will save a hole boat load of money
    Joy your day