Sunday, June 08, 2014

Tech savvy student

I used to think of myself as being kind of tech savvy. Back in 2003 when I began blogging, I also published stories which I wrote in HTML code [link]. I fancied myself as an "advanced" kind of guy. I not only knew how to write in HTML, but I used File Transfer Protocol [FTP] to upload that code on to my website for all to read.

But man-o-man, have I been left behind. The tech world of communication has zipped along! I now am in the stone-age compared to little children using their smart phones.

A few weeks ago I stopped using my ancient 6-year old iPhone 3g and got a new iPhone 5s from AT&T. When I got this new iPhone, it was not clear to me even what an App was. Wow! Did I have a wake-up call.

The first thing that I stumbled upon after beginning to use my new iPhone 5s was "LastPass" [link]. This is a fantastic App program that keeps track of passwords, user names and links to all of my stuff such as; bank accounts, stores where I buy things, San Diego Gas & Electric, etc.

For $12/year, I subscribed to LastPass Premium. With LastPass Premium, changes that I make to LastPass on my computer are automatically available to me on LastPass on my iPhone 5s. With premium, my MacBook Pro and my iPhone 5s remain in sync. This is a fantastic program which I use many times, each and every day!

Over the past week, I've accumulated a few Apps on my new iPhone 5s:
  • The browser "Google Chrome". 
  • A Bar Code Reader called "RedLaser. Now I am able to scan product codes in stores in order to learn the actual price.
  • A GPS navigation App which locates my car in a parking lot. This App is called, "Find My Car". When I park, I set the location using my "Find My Car" App. When I am finished shopping, I walk to the mapped location of my Honda. No more lost cars [or bicycles either].
  • Just this afternoon I got the "Fandango" App, which tells all the movies that are playing near my apartment and even allows me to "buy" a ticket to a movie. The "purchased ticket" is downloaded to my iPhone 5s as a QR code [link]. When I go to the movie theater, there is no standing in the ticket line. I just walk over to the ticket taker inside the movie theater and hand over my iPhone with the QR code showing. The QR code is scanned, producing a printed ticket. It is sooooo easy!
Learning curve
It may not be easy for you to acclimate yourself to the world of Apps! It took me a couple of days messing around to get myself to understand LastPass. Even Fandango took a few hours.


  1. Good morning, George. I swear I don't know how in the world I ever got along with my iPhone... I have the 4Gs ~ next upgrade will be whatever is new at THAT time!

    There are so many apps ~ all great fun. I have the find your car too as well as as couple of scanner. Download the Gus Buddy App ... finds gas prices.

    The Red Box App is also great to see what is where. So many travel apps I have that you probably won't need much any longer such as AllStays and Find Near Me... Trip Advisor and so forth.

    Love my YouTube App .. oh, lord! I have too many to mention ~ favorite game apps are Lock'n'Roll, Word Solitaire, Sudoku and Gin Rummy ... several more but those I use daily ~ crosswords

    Great stuff when you're having to wait somewhere for something...

    love your balcony garden !

    1. I do wish I'd proof what I post! withOUT my iPhone and plural scanners and so forth ...

  2. Yay for George! You're doing much better than I would at this point.

  3. Well you're farther along than I in the app department. Good for you! All of those apps sound pretty neat.

  4. Good for you - I still have trouble trying to answer my Android phone. let along figure out how to find and download apps.
    Do have Gas Buddie though.

  5. George, here are 2 links for you to help learn some of the helpful "tricks" to using the iPhone efficiently....


  6. Anyone having problems figuring out their phones, Ipads, etc. just ask a teen. They live that stuff. Makes you feel really old though :-)

  7. FYI George, the service you are paying to manage your passwords is provided for free on your iPhone using Apple's free iCloud service. I also prefer Apple's browser Safari over Google Chrome. Have fun!

  8. You may have stated this already, but I was wondering what direction your balcony faces. It looks so nice.