Sunday, July 27, 2014

Fredericka's mouse

My very good friends, Pete and Fredericka have been yearning to be full-time RVers for many moons. They have been stymied by their accumulation of "stuff" at their rented home. Finally, they came to a point where most of their "stuff" had been disposed of, and they took-off down the road. Happy day!!

A couple of days ago I received a phone call from Pete and Fredericka. They were in the area of my Guava Gardens apartment, and wanted to drop by for a visit! Wow! Wonderful! I don't get many visitors, and really love it when friends come to call.

I have just enough seating in my apartment for two guests and myself. The three of us were busy chatting when Fredericka noticed a very small mouse enter the room, coming from the foot of my kitchen counter.

Mouse war
The next day I paid a visit to Dixieline Hardware and  bought four mouse snap traps. I loaded one of the traps with cheese bait. The next day, I found that my mouse had taken the cheese bait without setting off the trap!

Researching in Google, I learned that crunchy peanut butter is a very good solution to deal with wily and dextrous mice.

This afternoon when I returned to my apartment, I found that a mouse had been caught by the Victor snap trap and its peanut butter bait.

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Fell down

As you may know, I drive my electric bicycle a whole lot. It seems that I have developed a bad habit of taking corners too fast. I like the feeling of leaning far over in order to do a fast corner.

I was going thru the CostCo parking lot today and went thru a corner where the pavement had a greasy spot, and down I went! But I did not get hurt!! I landed on the pavement face down. Completely flat on my stomach.

I was very, very lucky!!

From now on, I am taking corners very slow.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Getting active again

Until my foot problem, I was doing lots of things. My foot put a big crimp in all of my activities. Within the last few days however, I've begun resuming being active again.

I plan to play golf with friends. Also, I take golf lessons with a group from the local junior college at a nearby driving range. I have a good friend who has a golf simulator in his garage and I play simulated golf on his system about once each week. His simulator has golf courses from all over the United States in memory.

On my apartment patio, I am growing a bunch of flowering plants. They are all in bloom now.

I've got a big tub on the balcony which is serving as a pond. There are several pond plants growing now. One of them is a flowering lily. No flowers yet from this lily, but several new leaves have sprouted! I have hopes for flowers from this lily plant.

I do nearly all of my shopping by driving on my electric bike to the market. I use a backpack to carry what I buy back to the apartment. Since I am not able to carry too much in that backpack, I go shopping nearly every day.

I workout at the YMCA about three times each week. Very important for me to exercise, since I have been diagnosed with osteoporosis. I am taking a lot of vitamins which is supposed to curb osteoporosis. Vitamin D3 and calcium in very large doses.

I am also beginning to do activities at a senior citizen center which is close to my apartment.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Good health

It seems to me that my good health may be something that I took for granted in most of my times gone by. I healed up from my open heart surgery that I had last March pretty good. Pretty fast too. But this foot problem, although it is mostly gone, still is not completely cured. I still have a small amount of pain, and am walking kind of gimpy.

Golf lesson
Today I went for a golf lesson. But my heart was not into it. Remember that all this foot stuff began right after my first golf lesson. So, I am suspicious that something that I did during that first golf class may have strained something in order to get my foot problem going.

Biking for shopping
Everyday I go out on my bike to do my shopping. If I go and do a little shopping everyday, the load of groceries is never too heavy for me to carry in my backpack.

Before shopping, I went down to the Costco restaurant and bought one of their $1.50 Polish Hot Dogs. I just love those Polish Hot Dogs!

Monday, July 07, 2014

Coronado Island

Yesterday [Sunday] my friend John and I traveled to Coronado Island in the southern part of the City of San Diego. We have gone to this lovely place together several times.

On Sunday a band entertains with music. We sit in our camping chairs looking out at the bay and the City of San Diego across the water. We have a large beach umbrella to protect from the Sun.

This is truly a gorgeous viewing place with a zillion people walking by and many different boats sailing around.

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Best day

Wednesday was my best day since my problem with a painful right foot began almost a week ago. I am able to put pressure on the bottom of my right foot without pain!

Although I could be out walking again, I've decided to remain inactive to give that foot additional rest.