Thursday, July 03, 2014

Best day

Wednesday was my best day since my problem with a painful right foot began almost a week ago. I am able to put pressure on the bottom of my right foot without pain!

Although I could be out walking again, I've decided to remain inactive to give that foot additional rest.


  1. Gout?

    There's a pill for that. :0)

  2. Glad to hear it is better. Enjoy some good movies.

  3. Did you find out what caused it?

  4. I, too, wonder if you found a possible cause. Wonder if blood tests were done to verify the "infection"? Also was thinking about your practice golfing and wondered if maybe your foot didn't like some of those positions. Don't remember the time gap between golf and foot problem. No matter. Glad to know you're better.

  5. A lot has happened since my last visit here. You have had health problems and Ms Tioga is gone. Glad to see you are doing better. Stay healthy and safe.

  6. Gaut medication can be worse than the pain caused and that is bad enough as it is. Best food to help get over gaut is red or black cherries, fresh cherries. I usually eat a half cup when my big toe kicks up with pain.