Wednesday, August 20, 2014


I'm doing pretty good. But I did not have hardly anything new to blog about. That's why I have not blogged since August 9th.

Here is what is going good:
  • I am healthy. Don't need to go to the doctors for sickness. 
  • I have enough to eat. Mostly eat out. In restaurants.
  • My golf game is coming along. I play golf with my friend John about twice a week.
  • I exercise at the YMCA. Not enough. But at least I am doing a little.
  • My sleeping habits are strange. I go to sleep around 4am and awaken about 10am.
  • I still ride my electric bike. At least two trips each day. Sometimes several bike trips!
Today I am biking over to a nearby Chili's Restaurant for supper. I like Chili's because I am able to get a seat at the bar immediately on entering. There are several TVs at the bar, all tuned to sports. I like that! The food is good. I like Chili's steaks and ribs. Also they have good Mexican food.

PS: Did you watch the Little League World Series game today? Mo'ne Davis, a girl player for Philadelphia is soooo exciting to watch! She pitches and plays first base. Whatta gal!!

Saturday, August 09, 2014

The old days

In the old days, after I bought MsTioga and became a vagabonding RVer, I hardly ever had slow days. Back then, whenever I felt like it, down the road I would go! Exploring! Searching for adventure.

Well, those old days are gone. I got just a bit too old for them. So, now I live in an apartment. When things feel slow for me now, I take my electric bike out and ride my La Mesa neighborhood. With me flying along on my bike, the breeze brushing my face, I feel a bit of the excitement of traveling. It may not be much. But its enough for me.

Cry baby!
This afternoon I watched a movie. It's title is "The Parent Trap". It's the story about twin sisters who were separated when they were babies. One lived with the father. The other with the mother. The knowledge of there being a twin kept very secret.

Then one day, they meet up accidentally. At a summer camp. The two girls hatch a plan to get their mother and father back together again. They switch places at the end of summer camp and return to the other's home. Each pretending to be the other twin sister.

There is a lot of emotional stuff going on in this movie. So much emotion, that for me I am crying like a baby when the various members of the family finally learn that the twin in their home is the "other" twin.

Wow! I loved this story! Click [here] to see trailer!

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

My dreams

I drive my bicycle nearly everywhere I go. Do you know why?

Because one day I will drive my last bicycle ride. I want to enjoy that future event. And I do this enjoyment now by riding my bike as much as possible.

This morning I could cook up breakfast in my apartment. But I am driving to a little breakfast joint instead. Biking and then eating. Does it get better than that?

Click [here] to feel how I feel right now.

Saturday, August 02, 2014


In the morning on Friday, I attended my last group golfing class held at the Carlton Oaks Country Club. My instructor, Louise Parks, has mentioned several times to the class that it generally takes over three years to get the basics of golf down. This includes learning the rules, putting, chipping, pitching, fairway and T-shots as well as just plain getting the ball to go where you want it to go.

Three years from now I will be 80 years old. Might be that I may never get the game of golf under my belt.

Around noon, my friend John and I drove to the National City Golf Course and played nine holes. I was pretty tired by the time we got to the 9th hole at National. My golf class which included one hour on the driving range had taken a lot of my energy.