Saturday, August 02, 2014


In the morning on Friday, I attended my last group golfing class held at the Carlton Oaks Country Club. My instructor, Louise Parks, has mentioned several times to the class that it generally takes over three years to get the basics of golf down. This includes learning the rules, putting, chipping, pitching, fairway and T-shots as well as just plain getting the ball to go where you want it to go.

Three years from now I will be 80 years old. Might be that I may never get the game of golf under my belt.

Around noon, my friend John and I drove to the National City Golf Course and played nine holes. I was pretty tired by the time we got to the 9th hole at National. My golf class which included one hour on the driving range had taken a lot of my energy.


  1. Who cares if you get "good?" Golf is a learning experience, and most people never think they are good enough. It's a way of getting some exercise, a little socializing, and learning something new, which is good for our brains. I say, Go For It! :)

  2. George,
    Can you shoot lower than 50 on 9 holes?

    1. John and I don't use a score card. So I don't know. Next time, I may keep a score card.

  3. Oh, I think you will be around long enough to get "Good" at golf! Your a tough one Mr. George!


  4. I agree with Barbara, it,s good exercise and if you enjoy it that's all that counts. I tried it a few times but gave up too soon.

  5. Do what pleases you, George. If you enjoy the company of the others, and they yours, then that is all that is important. It is like having a nice meal with someone; it's an activity of socialization, not an end to itself.

    Virtual hugs,


  6. Perhaps you should consider trying out playing Pétanque. Not as tiering as golf. It is a friendly team game of three or four persons against another team. Usually it last two games, but at least one can sit between plays and it is an easy game. All it is its to throw underhand the pétanque ball as close as you can to the pig (red ball) (=:

  7. Congrats on finishing your golf classes. I agree with others who say to enjoy it and don't worry about scores, etc. So many people make such a big deal about it I don't know how they enjoy anything they're doing. Get out, make friends, get some exercise, enjoy life . . .

  8. George, I'm the same age as you. I took up golf about 10 years ago, I never got better, I never break 50 for 9 holes. But I enjoy walking in a beautiful park. We never take a golf cart. Never play by the rules. They take away your fun. I play with my two friends who are 85. Our rules are, if you can't take a swing at the ball where it lies, move it, Lift it out of the deep grass, take mulligans. We keep score but don't compete, .We just want to see if we did better or worse than the last time. It's good exercise, we play twice a week.