Saturday, September 20, 2014

My son David

Today marks the fourth anniversary of my son David passing away. Tomorrow, September 21, is the 50th birthday for David. When David died, nearly everything that I was doing was changed.

My friend John believes that I will be with David again after I die. I hope that this is true.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Golf lessons

I have been taking golf lessons and my teacher is none other than the great Ben Hogan. I am not kidding!

Click [here] to see a video of Ben Hogan teaching me golf.
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I have been going to play golf twice a week. My friend John is the golf organizer. He makes the T-times and emails all of us who go golfing together. We have been playing at National City Golf Course and Sycuan Golf Resort.

Pot Luck party
Yesterday at Guava Gardens Apartment, the tenants had a Pot Luck party! The apartment house management makes hot dogs and burgers on their BBQ grill. And we tenants bring pot luck food. I signed up for drinks and brought Pepsi.

Police murder?
Michael Brown, an unarmed black American was gunned down and murdered by police on August 9th. There is perhaps some question about what happened at the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

About four miles away from where Michael Brown died, another black man was killed by police. His name is Kajieme Powell and he died on August 19th. However, Kajieme Powell was videoed by a witness. You may view that video by clicking [here].

There are some things that are apparent from viewing the Kajieme Powell video:
  1. Kajieme Powell was some distance away from the closest policeman when the police commenced shooting. Powell was not an imminent threat to police when the shooting began.
  2. From viewing the slow motion section of the video, it is clear that Kajieme Powell was shot twice after he was already on the ground after being shot several times.
There is one thing that is NOT apparent from viewing the video. It seems to me from listening to the audio, that the bystanders and especially the person taking the video knew what Kajieme Powell was doing. Powell was trying to provoke police into shooting him while being videoed by bystanders.

You can hear on the audio the man operating the video camera saying, "This is not how to do it, Bro. You know what I'm saying?"