Sunday, October 05, 2014

Golf 2

I wanted you to know that I am continuing to do very well in my new life as an apartment dweller. And golf has a lot to do with that.

My golf game has come to the point where I am now practicing chipping and pitching. I am able to practice my chip shots inside my apartment using soft rubber balls. I am also able to practice fairway shots with these balls while inside the apartment. My fairway shots go to the refrigerator door and bounce back all the way to the opposite apartment wall.  I cannot do a complete follow thru when I practice a fairway shots because the ceiling of my apartment is too low.

Up until now, I have been the weakest player in the group of guys that I golf with. But I have a feeling that very soon, my golf game may get a large improvement because of my practice.


  1. Good for You!....looking forward to when you kick a--!

  2. Sounds like you are continuing to enjoy learning.

  3. Keep it up, George; but, remember that the most important thing of all is to have FUN! Some golfers forget that little ditty!

  4. So good to know you're still working at your golf game. George is no quitter, no matter what subject is being discussed! Wishing you many a happy day on the golf course and off.

    1. The very best thing about practicing my golf shots inside my apartment is that I am able to practice so much. Even when it is crazy hot outside!

      I've developed a way to practice with all of my golf clubs without causing any harm to the apartment walls, ceiling or carpet. Even my driver!!

  5. Hello, Tioga George. Glad to hear you are doing well. Keep practicing! You have had an interesting and successful life. I am a fan.

    Best wishes,
    Betty J.

  6. 'Can tell you're a bachelor.

  7. Morning, George ... great to hear from you ... ;)