Friday, November 28, 2014


Yesterday was Thanksgiving Day! I hope that you celebrated with your family and friends.

I was invited to John and Mimi's home for the Thanksgiving meal. John sent me an email invitation to come early. "We will play simulated golf!", he told me. I lost our golf match by 5 strokes.

Mimi loves to cook, and she spent several hours preparing everything except the turkey. John prepared the turkey in his large outdoor smoker. Smoked turkey is wonderful to eat. The turkey had a great smoked flavor.

A lot to be thankful for!
I have a lot for which to be thankful this Thanksgiving. The auto accident that I had in March, 2014, resulted in my doctors finding that I had a bad aortic valve in my heart. A couple days later I had open-heart surgery.

Now I am doing wonderful. I am able to play a full round of golf. I bike all over the City of La Mesa. I feel great!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Great TV

For the last 9 years while living in MsTioga, my RV, I did not subscribe to TV. For me, the TV programs that were offered then were not very entertaining. So, I just stopped subscribing to and watching TV.

However, when I began living at Guava Gardens Apartments last May, a whole new world of TV opened itself up for me! My TV equipment includes Apple TV. Apparently, Apple TV allows me to tune in to Netflix, YouTube, Smithsonian, movies that I buy from iTunes and a ton of other things as well.

By searching around on what was offered, I found that I could watch sports events that happened decades ago. For example, boxing matches with Jack Dempsey, Joe Louis, Jake LaMotta. World Series Baseball games from many years ago.

But the very best thing that I found were videos of Muhammad Ali. Back when Ali was still Cassius Clay, there is a video of him winning a gold medal at the Rome Olympics in 1950 when he was only 18 years old. By watching Muhammad Ali boxing in the 1960s, I found out what a remarkable boxer he truly was.

And I also found out that Ali was a very smart man. Back when Ali refused to go to Viet Nam as a soldier, lots of very bad things were told about him in the news. He was made out to be stupid and a traitor to his country. But on my TV I found videos of a young Ali.

The best thing that I found was a fantastic video of Ali showing what a great boxer he was. A boxer who fought with the greatest defensive art that ever was in the boxing game!! A boxer with such fantastic speed and reflexes, that he could keep his opponents from hitting him! What a difference from the boxers of present day who just maul and crush each other.

Please click [here] to view Muhammad Ali's great boxing ability. Look how he dances. How with slight movements of his head he keeps from getting hit.

Please click [here] to view Muhammad Ali on the Parkinson interview program. In my opinion, in this interview Ali shows his intellect and sense of humor. He also shows his anger when he talks about his adopted Islamic religion (I hope that you will not be offended by that).

NOTE: In the boxing video above, one of the last boxers Ali is shown fighting is heavy weight champion of the world, Sonny Liston. Nobody believed that Ali would defeat Sonny Liston, let alone knock out Liston! Before his fight with Muhammad Ali, nearly everybody believed that Liston was unbeatable. Of course, even Liston himself believed that.

Sunday, November 09, 2014

My trail

Do not go where the path may lead.
Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.
     Ralph Waldo Emerson

I did not know back in early 2001, that something bad was growing in my body. By the end of that year, not being able to breathe easily, I went to my doctor. My complaint in addition to my breathing, was that the entire front of my abdomen and chest was getting huge! All puffed out I was, weighing more than I ever did in my life! 205 pounds.

I came away from that visit to the doctor knowing that I had cancer. Later I learned that this cancer was Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My doctor told me that if I had not come to the hospital at that time, I likely would not have survived. I had perhaps only two weeks to live.

On a Friday afternoon in early December, 2001, I was admitted into the Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek, California. Over a 2-day period, I was given a huge, almost lethal dose of chemo. When I was released from the hospital the following Tuesday, my weight had shrunk to about 190 pounds. The chemo had apparently killed off almost 15 pounds of this cancer which was then flushed from my body.

My chemo-therapy continued thru the month of March. I could barely walk. I was very weak. But I no longer was taking chemotherapy! One day in February, 2003, I had an appointment with my oncologist. He told me that I was in remission.

I went out that very morning, and bought my RV. MsTioga. It took a little over three months to equip that RV with Datastorm internet, levelers and solar panels. And on June  7th I took off on what was to become a 10 year adventure. All over the Western United States and Mexico I would travel.

Over those years, I sometimes wondered who would live the longest. Me or MsTioga. It turned out that I was the one to live. And what a wonderful life it has been and continues to be for me.