Thursday, December 04, 2014

Going to doctor

Today I am going to visit my primary care doctor at Kaiser. I made an appointment to see Dr. Lee so I could talk with him about several small things that are going on with me.

My forehead has reddish skin, and from past experience I learned that this red skin is a precancerous condition that is pretty easily taken care of by the application of a cream. A month with this cream removes all of this condition.

I want Doctor Lee to take a look at my scalp. I don't know what is going on with my scalp. Something like very dry skin or something.

Very occasionally, my right hand and foot kind of twitch. Doesn't last too long, and does not cause me much problems. But I want the doctor to know about this condition.

I have a sore in the right and left inside of my mouth. The sore is there from me biting myself. Just when these sores are just about getting healed, I bite the same place again! Bummer!

Lastly, I have a little problem getting enough sleep. and I want Dr. Lee to advise me about that.

Feel pretty good!
Now, with all of these things laid out here in my blog for you to read, I want you to know that I feel pretty good. No aches like many of my friends have.

I am able to do pretty much every thing that I want to do. I play golf twice a week and work out at the YMCA twice a week also. I am able to walk on my own without using a cane or walker. I walk pretty good too. However, I don't walk very fast anymore. When I walk with John at the golf course, I notice that he has to slow up regularly for me to catch up. But I am 77 years old now and walking a bit slow does not seem like too much at this stage of my life.

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  1. Looking good George. Since I'm now 79 I can appreciate your remarks.

  2. Well, I sure hope all those issues turn out to be minor. Staying active should help to keep you going strong. Nice to hear you are feeling good.

  3. George, you look great! I do hope you will let us know what the doctor's response was. I guess if you feel so wonderful, nothing serious could be wrong. Keep on taking care of yourself. We want you around for a long time!

    1. I went to see Doctor Lee and described all of things I wrote about in my blog post. Dr. Lee did advised that none of my concerns are serious issues.

  4. Good for you, George. You're doing great. I do the same thing, I usually have a little list for my doctor and she goes through them all, sends me to a specialist if needed, and so far everything has been okay. But it's good to check - you never know, and it just makes us worry if we don't have things checked out.