Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Cox vs AT&T

When I moved into my apartment in April, 2014, I was informed by the apartment manager that only Cox serviced this area for internet and TV. After awhile, I found out that AT&T also served the apartment. However, I never checked the prices of AT&T to compare to the Cox prices.

A couple of days ago I received an email from Cox advising that their price for TV and internet was going up from $115 to $150 a month. Wow, I thought! That sure is a gigantic increase! When I phoned Cox and tried to bargain, Cox was not interested in bargaining with me.

There is an AT&T store not too far away. So, I biked over there to pay them a visit. It turns out that AT&T does service my address. And the price for internet and TV is only $92. That is less than my old Cox monthly price.

This morning the AT&T installer came to set up my new internet and TV service. It works really good. And the channel guide is much superior to Cox.

When I phoned Cox to cancel my services, they wanted to know why? I replied, "Because you raised my price from $115 to $150."

The lady on the phone from Cox asked me to wait a moment while she checked the prices. When she returned, she told me that I could get my TV and internet service for the old price of $115.

"Sorry!", I told her. "Too little and too late." What nerve they have!!


  1. Good job George! This story gets repeated all the time. They won't give you the lower rate until you threaten to actually leave.

  2. Yes, sir! I am glad you told them. I used to deal with Direct TV. I had the same experience. Amazing what they can do when they think it is to their benefit. That reminds me. I need to call AT& T. They have all kinds of discounts that nobody knows about until I call & tell them I might have to cancel because their rate is too high. I even have a name & number to call from the last time!

    Meanwhile, I say again, Good for you!

  3. Never fails that they think they can "do better" AFTER you've already changed. Nice going.

  4. George...any word on Weng?