Thursday, April 23, 2015

Garden video

Ever since I moved into my Guava Gardens apartment in April 2014, I've been messing with the balcony. I wanted plants, but did know which ones would do well on my north facing balcony. A pond was something that I thought would be neat too.

The pond turned out to be not good for this balcony. Not enough light. Also, the water in the pond got algae. When Yolanda, the lady who cleans my apartment, saw that the tub for the pond was not being used, she asked if she could have the tub. I was so happy she asked for it!

After a bit of time, it was clear that impatien flowers really love the environment of my balcony. On buying a bunch more of 6-pack and 4" impatiens, the garden began to bloom.

There is a brickyard not too far away from Guava Gardens, and I began to buy various size concrete bricks. My plan was to have a mound of bricks that the flowers could be placed on at different heights.

Below is a video of what resulted.


  1. Love the waterfall, George.

  2. WOW,and it even sounds like the 10 year old babbling brook ! Warren

  3. Love your garden. The waterfall really makes it special.