Monday, April 06, 2015

RVing ?

About 1/2 mile away from my apartment home is an RV lot. If you want to rent an RV, they will rent one to you there. When I go on my bike rides, very often I ride my bike on that lot looking at the selection of RVs. And I wonder about perhaps renting an RV and taking a trip. Maybe this summer?

Today is Easter Sunday. I was invited over to John & Mimi's home for supper. John and I really like sitting in the shade of his backyard enjoying all the bird life. John loves throwing shelled peanuts out in the yard for the blue jays to swoop down and wisk away.

"I've been thinking about renting an RV from that RV lot near my apartment", I told him. "But after a couple of months of consideration, I've decided that I really do not want to go RVing again."

"Why is that?", he asked.

"I'm so comfortable in my apartment. Just hanging around there doing the stuff I do is really neat. Going out on an RV trip doesn't have the pull on my heart-strings anymore as it did when I was full-timing over those ten years on-the-road."

"Yeah", John said. "I understand how you feel."


  1. George keep on enjoying your new life and the things you enjoy doing.

  2. Good for you, George. Do what you want to do! Sue

  3. This is good. Life changes...You are still adored just as you are.

  4. Hey George, I have followed your blog now, off and on, for about 10 years. It helped inspire me to go full time rving for about 5 years. Until health problems ended it abruptly. I too, sit here now on occasion and dream about wanting to go back. In fact, this fantasy is why I looked up your blog again after not looking at it for a while. I still have a bit of a fantasy to do it again, but then, reality sets in, remembering many of the problems with it, and my inability to handle them well, now. So I too will stay put, but I sure can relate to you going by the RV place and still having a bit of a fantasy about it again.