Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Better sleep

Several weeks ago when I began to be concerned about how little I was sleeping, I assumed incorrectly that I had a huge sleep problem that could only be helped by taking sleep medication. I asked my Kaiser doctor for an Ambien prescription, and my doctor refused to give me Ambien. Instead my doctor enrolled me into Kaiser's "Sleep Well" class.

The Sleep Well Class consists of four weekly meetings. Right now I have one weekly meeting to go. At my first meeting, one of the other patients showed me an activity tracker that she wore on her wrist. I wrote about that activity tracker [called Jawbone UP24] in a prior blog post. That Jawbone thing looked pretty neat, so I bought one at Best Buy.

The Jawbone had some "built in" sleep suggestions. One of those suggestions put me on a path which led to changing everything about my sleep problem!

That suggestion was for me to begin my bedtime at 10pm. For years my bedtime had evolved to be around 2am. Sometimes 3am! I had let my watching movies at night and messing with my computer keep me awake.

My sleeping schedule had become completely undisciplined! After I began to go to bed at 10pm, quickly my nightly sleeping time jumped to four hours. Then five hours. Last night I actually slept for six hours, which is more sleep than I have been getting for decades.

Presently, I am continuing to go to bed at 10pm. I'm only taking Melatonin to aid sleep. My brain does not feel all sleepy anymore during the day. And as a consequence, I've stopped falling asleep in the middle of the day.

I feel much better now than I've felt in years!


  1. Way to go George! People who have worked the late shifts (nite) for years have had the same problems. Changing to a "normal" routine can be a life changing experience.

  2. Praise God! I'm happy for you, George! :) Blessings, Lynn