Monday, May 25, 2015

Big Change

It is incredible the change that has happened to my life, since I began to go to the Kaiser Sleep Well class only four weeks ago!

When I attended my first class, one of my fellow students showed me an electronic device that she was using to keep track of her sleep. When I bought one of these devices for myself, I got encouraged to go to sleep at 10pm. That 10pm change made a huge change. For years I had been going to sleep around 2am! Now I am sleeping about 5 hours each night instead of only 2 hours.

That electronic device also kept track of foot steps. I was encouraged to walk about 6,500 steps each day. This is quite a bit of walking for me. About 3 miles each day.

Remarkably, that amount of exercise has done wonders for my health. My golfing friends commented to me that I am now walking on the golf course much faster than before.

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