Friday, May 15, 2015

Jawbone UP24

After several days of using my Jawbone UP24 activity monitor that I wrote to you about before in my blog titled "Sleep Monitor", I've decided to keep on wearing it! Because this device actually serves a useful function!

For example, today my golf buddies decided not to golf because of the rain. So, I was not as active as I usually am. Instead, I drove to a nearby Armstrong Nursery to buy some flowers.

When I returned to my apartment at Guava Gardens, I noticed that the Jawbone U24 showed that I only accumulated 490 steps today. I am supposed to take 6,500 steps in a day. I am really way behind!

I decided to take a walk down Guava Avenue to the place where the road gets really steep. Then, I turned around and walked back to the apartment. When I got to the apartment, I sat on the bench seat at the front entrance and looked at the Jawbone step reading for today on my iPhone. It read over 1,500 steps!

When I went upstairs to my apartment, I made the decision to keep walking all around the hallway on my third floor. When I got back to my apartment and took another Jawbone reading, it was at 1,960 steps!

Wow! From now on I'm going to take a walk around the apartment hallways about once each hour!

8:20pm walk
After watching the evening TV news, I took another walk around my apartment house's hallways. This walk started at 2,549 steps. The first thing that happened is that I realized that I did not know where the entrance to the stairwell is located on the opposite side of the building from my apartment!! Had to search around a bit for it.

I walked on each floor from one stairwell to the opposite stairwell. When I ended my walk, I was at 3,463 steps. That's 1,260 steps on this walk,

Since my goal is 6,500 steps each day, I have 3,037 steps to go in order reach my goal.

9:20pm walk
I believe that this will be my last walk today. My Jawbone bracelet just buzzed me that it is now time to begin to prepare for 10pm bedtime!

This walk brought me to a total of 4,212 steps today!

It may be my imagination, but it seems that I am walking better now than I have walked in months! Hmmmm?


  1. Um, I wouldn't push it too hard if this is your first day wearing/using it. Find your normal and then work up from there.

  2. I always find I walk more when I'm recording my steps. I have a pedometer on my shoe that measures my steps and also use an app on my phone for distance sometimes. They really make walking more fun. That and an MP3 player with audiobooks to listen to. Good for you, George - and the more you walk, the easier it gets. :)