Thursday, June 04, 2015

Lunch treat

After I treated my apartment friends, Dora and Rosalie, out for lunch, they wanted to treat me to the nearby, China Super Buffet. This restaurant serves a fabulous buffet which is kept fresh by the large clientele.

Dora and Rosalie

Active living
I am continuing to be pretty active every day. However, I've got to push myself with my physical exercise routine. Walking is really important for me. If I don't walk a lot every day, I back slide.

My friends all tell me that my walking is better since I began my daily walks. Would  believe that I am walking about 3 miles each day!

I'm golfing about twice a week too.

iPhone App
I use an App on my iPhone that really encourages me to accomplish my daily walking goal of 6,500 steps per day. I believe that I would not be meeting my daily walking goal if I were not using this App which is called, "Pedometer++".


  1. George, even in your seventies you still inspire a whole bunch of your readers and followers. Hang in there and know that you make a difference for many people.

  2. You're doing great, George. I walk about 2 miles a day, sometimes less, sometimes more, but usually 2 miles. More would be better, of course. Keep it up!

    Nice photo of your beautiful dining companions. It's nice to go out for lunch once in a while with friends. :)

  3. What happy looking lunch partners. Great for all of you to share time together.