Thursday, June 18, 2015


I believe that I mentioned to you that I am walking daily. This walking is for my health. My goal is at least 6,500 steps a day. My iPhone keeps track of how far I walk. Right now it is just a bit before 10pm. So far today I have walked 6,583 steps which is about 2.4 miles.

I could walk on the treadmills at the YMCA. But the hallways of my apartment are much more convenient. A lot easier too. For me, treadmills are a drag. Somehow a lap in the hallways is easy to do. Time does not even occur to me when I am walking the hallways as it definitely does on the treadmill.

The apartment people who also use the hallways for exercise, call a complete hallway circuit a "lap". A lap begins on the 3rd floor outside my apartment door. Then down the hallway to the stairs to the 2nd floor, walking the distance of each floor. Then the entire 1st floor and then all the way up ending at my apartment. A complete lap is about 1,300 steps.

I walk pretty fast in the hallways. I am breathing pretty hard. This is real exercise. Three floors. Four flights of stairs per lap.

Since I am goal oriented, the daily bar chart App in my iPhone drives me to achieve. It's a tough task master!


  1. Great way to get your daily exercise.

  2. You sure do well with your walking. Keep it up and you'll be around for a long time :-)

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  4. Life is a battle, if you don't know how to defend yourself then you'll end up being a loser. So, better take any challenges as your stepping stone to become a better person. Have fun, explore and make a lot of memories.