Friday, September 25, 2015

Re-inventing myself

Several times during my lifetime, things radically changed for me. Then, I had to reinvent myself in order to proceed forward in a positive way.

The last time that I experienced a radical change, was when I had a heart failure while driving at the wheel of MsTioga [my RV]. You may recall that MsTioga was destroyed completely when that heart failure caused me to become unconscious. My RV plunged off Interstate #5 on to a farmer's field. Within a few days after MsTioga's destruction, I had open heart surgery in order to replace my heart's aorta valve. Also, to replace a section of blocked artery feeding my heart.

Then came a two-week recovery time which I spent in a hotel room in Bakersfield. Nobody came forward to help me. I did not actually believe that I needed somebody to help me at that time. So, I did not seek that support from either relatives or friends. Also, I believed that I had to spend that initial recovery period in Bakersfield, near the doctors who were serving me.

Before I realized that I needed a convalescent period following my recovery time, my friends John and Mimi offered a place for me to stay inside their large RV. I stayed there for about a month. Then moved into the active senior apartment house where I am located now.

Reinventing my life
Now I had to face the reality that my RVing life had come to an end. What would become of my life? What would I be doing with my time?

I knew from times gone by, that if had patience and let things develop, the new direction for my life would eventually make itself known. And that is exactly what happened!

I love reading the history of people. For example, researching about people who acted in films that I watched. I found interviews of these people that were stored on the internet. Sometimes my research would turn up interviews that were video recordings. Some of these recordings happened many years ago! I loved that!

Geniuses of the electronic age:
Bill Gates
The story of the dawning of the electronic age is a miraculous tale. Well covered are the stories of people like Bill Gates who foresaw the need for an operating system for the yet to be sold IBM PC. Gates offered to sell that operating system software to IBM BEFORE he knew that this operating system had already been developed. Somehow Gates had the ability to peek thru into the future to see not only what would be needed, but also to have confidence that such an operating system would be found! Wow!

Bob Noyce
Bob Noyce is another example of a genius of the electronic age. Noyce was one of the only scientists who first understood the nature of the transistor and how that transistor would lead to the creation of "the chip" [an integrated circuit].

How did Noyce understand that?

The fascinating thing about my research into the mind of people like Bob Noyce, is that people who knew Bob Noyce when he was alive have been interviewed to tell their story.  And, that story is on the internet for me to read.

The Charlie Sporck interview
Just this morning I stumbled across an interview with Charlie Sporck who was there at the beginning just after Fairchild Semiconductor was born. Sporck went on to become the head of National Semiconductor.

When I find an interview such as this one, to me it is like finding a nugget of "electronic gold". Charlie Sporck knew Bob Noyce personally. In this interview, Sporck gives us insight into the mind of the fabulous Bob Noyce!

Click [here] to read the Charlie Sporck interview.

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bad Diet

The angels who watch over me have been busy sending info about Macular Degeneration. Starting with my Uncle Seymour who told me that he is suffering from this malady. Then, more recently, I picked up a flyer announcing a Vision Class at the Senior Center here in the City of La Mesa where I live. Then stories in the newspapers came my way. Several stories!

Well, when I began digesting all of this info, it was clear that my diet was awful! I decided to get back on the right diet track. The only way to do that was for me to begin preparing my own meals instead of eating out.

Yesterday, I bought salmon and chicken. Also carrots, kale, pepper, onion. I sent away for a book, "Eat Right For Your Sight" [link].

Whatever comes my way, I sure don't want it to be blindness!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Tennis and hot weather

This is a wonderful time for me! I have been watching the US Open Tennis Championships on my 45" wide flat screen TV. My La-Z-Boy electric reclining chair is only 7 feet from the TV screen. The tennis players appear sooooo big. It's almost like actually being at the Open!

Today I have been watching the men's and women's singles quarter finals. The matches that I viewed had the highest level of play. So exciting!

Record heat
The weather where I am living in La Mesa, California reached 100 degrees F outside. The air conditioner in my apartment held the inside temperature to a high of 81 degrees. Warm, but comfortable.

Flower care
This is the first day that I have had to water the impatien potted flowers on my balcony patio more than one time in a single day. 100 degree outside temperature is unusually hot for this area.