Thursday, September 17, 2015

Bad Diet

The angels who watch over me have been busy sending info about Macular Degeneration. Starting with my Uncle Seymour who told me that he is suffering from this malady. Then, more recently, I picked up a flyer announcing a Vision Class at the Senior Center here in the City of La Mesa where I live. Then stories in the newspapers came my way. Several stories!

Well, when I began digesting all of this info, it was clear that my diet was awful! I decided to get back on the right diet track. The only way to do that was for me to begin preparing my own meals instead of eating out.

Yesterday, I bought salmon and chicken. Also carrots, kale, pepper, onion. I sent away for a book, "Eat Right For Your Sight" [link].

Whatever comes my way, I sure don't want it to be blindness!


  1. My mom has had that for years, and is now virtually blind. I've been eating the foods suggested for that disease, and also there are vitamin pills for the eyes. I get mine at Wal-Mart over the counter. Kind of expensive, but if they help AT ALL, well worth the money to me. I have an annual eye exam and they always check for the beginning stages of Macular Degeneration, so far, so good. Now that we know so much more about these things and how our diet can help, it makes sense to add the good stuff to our diets.

  2. George, The last five years that my Father lived he was blind from this disease. Diet is important as is sun protection for your eyes. Living here in Fl. we have become concerned with the intense sun. You are a smart guy George always thinking ahead. Take care, John

  3. Read the reviews of the cookbook and ordered it today. My older sister has the wet macular and brother has the dry - so far my other sisters and I are OK but can always learn a better way to prepare veggies to help our save our sight. thank you for sharing this, George.

  4. Speaking of salmon, I have your mom's recipe for salmon patties. I use it several times a year!

    1. Fantastic! My Mom lives on thru her salmon patty recipe!


  5. Hey George, so glad to see you posting again. It was YOU who I accidentally found on the internet when I was looking to buy my 1994 Tioga Montara and reading all about your travels and your willingness to correspond with me (back in 2009) encouraged me to snatch up my Tioga and I've been in her ever since, 24/7. I blog about it daily. Glad to hear you are learning to cook healthy foods. Thanks George for your past encouragement. Cynthia aka Dear Miss Mermaid dot com