Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Tennis and hot weather

This is a wonderful time for me! I have been watching the US Open Tennis Championships on my 45" wide flat screen TV. My La-Z-Boy electric reclining chair is only 7 feet from the TV screen. The tennis players appear sooooo big. It's almost like actually being at the Open!

Today I have been watching the men's and women's singles quarter finals. The matches that I viewed had the highest level of play. So exciting!

Record heat
The weather where I am living in La Mesa, California reached 100 degrees F outside. The air conditioner in my apartment held the inside temperature to a high of 81 degrees. Warm, but comfortable.

Flower care
This is the first day that I have had to water the impatien potted flowers on my balcony patio more than one time in a single day. 100 degree outside temperature is unusually hot for this area.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog ... I'm at 2005 when you went to Death Valley. You stayed overnight at a wide pull-off on Badwater Road. Seemed like a gutsy place to overnight ... I'm surprised the Rangers didn't bumrush you out of there to an official campground! I really am enjoying your blog. It's going to take me a long while to get through it!

    1. Greg,

      It blows me away that you are reading my blog posts in 2005. And that you intend to read the whole thing!


    2. We want to learn from the expert!

  2. You are the Jedi Master of RV'ing George! And yes this heat is crazy.

  3. George, it's a good thing you don't have a 3D TV or you might get hit by one of those 120mph serves. We're watching the US open too and it's pretty exciting. Enjoy

  4. Hi George, I am glad you post now and then. My husband and I just returned form #1 of our bucket list, visiting your state of CA. We just have been somewhere near you during the week. We can see that CA can produce just about anything that the rest of the country could ever need. Your mountains and seashores are awesome. I would like to trade some of our eastern snowy days this winter for some of your climate!