Friday, October 23, 2015

Muscle Strength

After several weeks of working out at the YMCA with a goal of maintaining a minimum level of fitness, I learned that this goal is NOT good enough for me.

I changed my workouts to increase weights on each machine until I failed to complete a set. Apparently, increasing weights until I experienced failure to complete the set caused me to get stronger. 

I was very surprised to come to the understanding that I needed muscle strength in order to feel good physically.

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keeping Fit

It's been very hot around La Mesa, California, where my apartment is located. For several weeks the heat kept me off the golf course. I just stayed mostly in my apartment. Protected from the heat of the day by the air conditioner. During this period, I didn't even go much to the YMCA. Didn't even walk much.

This lack of physical activity turned out to be a terrible idea for me!

About a week ago, on a rather cool day, I was invited to play a round of golf with my friend, John. I've been recovering from that one round of golf ever since! It seems that at my age, it doesn't take long for physical condition to plunge

After that one round of golf, my entire body was aching. My right hip was sore, causing me to limp. Also, I had a general feeling of being really tired.

In order to prevent this from happening again, I've made a deal with myself to exercise every day. Even if the only exercise for a day is going for a walk.

Saturday, October 03, 2015


This evening I watched a Steven Spielberg directed movie, "Empire of the Sun." Nobody tells a story as good as Spielberg. This film follows Jim, a young pampered 10 year old boy who is separated from his parents at the beginning of WW2. "Jim" shows that he has an unconquerable spirit in the way he endures five years in a Japanese internment camp.

Spielberg gives us insight into the suffering of people under tyrannical Japanese military rule. And we are there when Jim finds his parents at war's end in a relocation center. Jim and his parents hardly recognize each other. Oh how my tears flowed at that scene!

Bike shop
My electric bicycle went into the shop for repairs this week. The bike needed a new rear tire. Also, the connector to the battery needed replacement.

It was during my bike's time in the shop that I realized how much I love to ride that bike. Much more than I enjoy driving my car!

Driving my bike is much more convenient than driving my little Honda FIT car. My electric bike zips all over the City of La Mesa. I really missed my bike while it was in the repair shop!

Aging and balance
Slowly but surely, my body is losing the ability to balance easily with my bike. Even the act of putting my leg over the bike during mounting is becoming unsteady.

I hate this physical decline. In fact, I dread it. Exercise specifically to enhance balance for seniors helps some. But not much.

One thing that I found out for sure. I should NOT walk while wearing my eyeglasses. In fact, I would go so far to state that it is dangerous for me to walk while wearing my eyeglasses.