Sunday, October 11, 2015

Keeping Fit

It's been very hot around La Mesa, California, where my apartment is located. For several weeks the heat kept me off the golf course. I just stayed mostly in my apartment. Protected from the heat of the day by the air conditioner. During this period, I didn't even go much to the YMCA. Didn't even walk much.

This lack of physical activity turned out to be a terrible idea for me!

About a week ago, on a rather cool day, I was invited to play a round of golf with my friend, John. I've been recovering from that one round of golf ever since! It seems that at my age, it doesn't take long for physical condition to plunge

After that one round of golf, my entire body was aching. My right hip was sore, causing me to limp. Also, I had a general feeling of being really tired.

In order to prevent this from happening again, I've made a deal with myself to exercise every day. Even if the only exercise for a day is going for a walk.


  1. A little exercise every day is good for your heart! When it's hot outside go to a shopping mall and walk in the air conditioning!

    1. Sue,
      That is a wonderful idea. Thank you sooooo much!


  2. Walking is so good for you - do it at least 3 times a week for a couple miles each time. Wear good shoes.