Friday, October 23, 2015

Muscle Strength

After several weeks of working out at the YMCA with a goal of maintaining a minimum level of fitness, I learned that this goal is NOT good enough for me.

I changed my workouts to increase weights on each machine until I failed to complete a set. Apparently, increasing weights until I experienced failure to complete the set caused me to get stronger. 

I was very surprised to come to the understanding that I needed muscle strength in order to feel good physically.


  1. Keep up the great work in your exercise George!! Glad you are feeling well and stronger

  2. I miss your daily blogs. I am glad you are thriving. Yup....muscle strength affects everything. I have myasthenia gravis, which translates to "grave muscle disease". Muscles make your eyes work, your throat swallow, your face smile, your eyelids stay open, the diaphragm breathe, your legs able to stand and walk, every movement of the arms. I miss my muscles! I am very glad you are able to strengthen your muscles :-)

  3. Albert:

    Get back to going heavy like I taught you at World Gym. BTW, I gained octogenarian status a month ago, the family took me up to Point Reyes to celebrate with raw oysters, but alas, the tyrannical Park Service has chased Johnson's Oyster Farm out, even Diane Feinstein couldn't stop them, we did get them at Marshall but how long will it be before the empire confiscates them.

  4. Hi Mr. Dick !
    Very happy to hear from you!


  5. Using extra weights on your exercise machine indeed . . . what have things come to in this exciting life you used to share with the world?

    I really miss reading about those situations where you barely escaped with life and limb intact. That time in Chihuahua desert when you were surrounded by a pack of hungry chupacabras or that time stopped by Zetas at the roadblock in Monterrey and you refused to pay the bribe and rammed their roadblock and got away as they shot at you going down the road.

    You used to get chased pretty frequently as I recall and it was very interesting for your readers to find out if you got away or not. You never did explain how you talked your way out of that situation in Jalisco when they found those bricks of you know what hidden in that secret compartment. I bet that one cost a pretty penny to straighten out.

    Yes, some of us miss your exciting old adventures and find your problems balancing on a bike to be just a little tame and a tad boring. Gunfire battles in the RV park and angry mobs with torches and pitchforks were the kind of thing that kept your readers following your adventures. This "too hot to go outside today" stuff just isn't going to satisfy our need for adventure I'm afraid.

    But I'll check in from time to time to see if things have picked up a little.

    1. Who are you?

      Of course I don't recall those adventures that you invented about me. But you and I both miss the exciting adventures that I shared in my blog.

      The thing is, that there are only two destinies for people like me. One destiny is to die while still an RVer. Hopefully in the middle of one of those adventures!

      The other destiny is what actually happened to me. As it says in the song, "Life goes on long after the thrill of living is gone."


    2. "Unknown" what was the purpose of that bunch of crap about George? Do you really find your comments funny? I find them jacked up sick.

  6. Way to go George. Still have that famous humor. It's what keeps one going, don't ever loose it.

  7. Way to go George. Still have that famous humor. It's what keeps one going, don't ever loose it.

  8. George, I've not checked your site in about three years! So happy to see you are still among is George!
    I'm finding out that long walks (2 miles) everyday and dead weights work best for me @ 72 years young.
    Are you still in Mexico?
    If so are you not scarred living there?
    Kind regards,
    Tim Smith

  9. Hey George, so glad to see you posting again and working with weights. You are awesome to try so many new things. I have posted your blog link on my daily blog. I own the "sister" to your RV, same rig, same year. You inspired me to buy my little old wheel estate, and I first found your blog 6 years ago, when I was trying to find another owner for a rig like the one I wanted to buy. I bought it and I've been fulltiming ever since.

    Have a great day George.

    I woke up alive and that completed my bucket list.

    Life is goof.