Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Collision repair

Elite Auto Collision phoned this afternoon with their estimate to put my Honda FIT back into mint condition.

Total for parts is: $3,150
Labor: $680
Total: $3,830

It shocked me to hear these numbers. I paid $14,997 for the entire car! My end of the collision repair is the $500 deductible. Thank God for insurance!

My auto insurance company
When I bought my Honda FIT in 2014, I shopped around for auto insurance. A new insurance company was advertising a lot. It's called: Esurance. My main contact for Esurance is a fabulously laid out website.

I hardly have to contact anybody when I need something from Esurance. Because their website is so good. But there are people who are quickly available if needed.

It's been my experience that no auto insurance company beats the Esurance premium. Click [here] to take a peek at Esurance.

Exercising for life
Part of the recent agreement that I made with myself to get control of insomnia is to be more physically active. So, I am now walking an average of 2.5 miles every single day.

At first my feet and ankles felt a bit sore because they were not used to that much physical activity. But now, after seven consecutive days of this program, my feet and ankles feel fine.

The way it works is, I have a goal of 6,500 steps per day. I keep track of how many steps I take with my iPhone and the "Pedometer ++" APP. Click [here] to view the APP website.

I start the evening off with all the steps that I accumulated during the day. Whatever walking I need in the evening to reach my goal, I do in the Guava Gardens apartment hallways. One lap of all three floors is about 1,300 steps.

I am going to succeed in this fight against insomnia. So help me God!


  1. George, What happened to the FIT???

    1. My Honda FIT is at Elite Auto Collision in La Mesa. Poor little baby! Just today, my insurance approved a $4,000 repair estimate.

      And I was only going about 1MPH!