Saturday, December 19, 2015


It seems to me that lately I have been inundated with requests for charity donations. And the request letters often contain psychological items that I believe are designed to make me feel guilty if I don't give.

Examples of psych items that are:
  • A postage stamp. "We are making you a gift of the attached postage stamp in order to make it easy to mail your donation."
  • A gorgeous 2016 calendar. "Please accept our gift of a lovely calendar to say thank you for your donation."
  • A cash bribe. It may only be a nickel. The March of Dimes sends a dime. One charity [I cannot remember which one], actually mailed me a one dollar bill!
To which charity should I donate?
I want to donate. But there are good charities and "not so good" charities. In order to help make my decision, I joined:  
Charity Navigator [link]

Charity Navigator took a lot of the guessing from my decision of which organization I should send money to.


A trip to the movies
I spotted a movie that looked really good. It's named, "Brooklyn" and is the story of a young Irish woman who travels to America in the 1950s in order to seek her destiny.

"Brooklyn" stars Saoirse Ronan, who grew up in Ireland. I've seen Ronan in a couple if movies. She is a very good actor. I rate "Brooklyn" 9 stars out of 10.

When I entered Edwards Rancho Cinema, there was a huge line of movie goers cordoned off in a roped area. I asked the ticket taker what was going on?

He told me, "They are waiting for the next showing of Star Wars!" [Amazing!]


  1. Good Morning, George. Sure am enjoying your posts. Sounds like ol' Jorge is back with us!

    Thanks for the info on the charities. Those guys are unbelieveable. The sad part is, it must work or they would move on to other stuff. Worst of all, they like to target our older folks. That is one of the reasons why your blog is so valuable.

    Robin and I stopped going to theaters a number of years ago. The volume is uncomfortably loud for us. Now, we watch everything on our tv. We put the sound exactly how we like it, stop to make popcorn and get something to drink. Plus, after eating all that, we can put it on pause while we make room to eat more!!

    So - how did the meatloaf do at the party? Was it the hit of the day?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      My meat loaf was all gone at the end of the party! So, maybe it was a hit?!

      But there are a lot of good cooks in the apartment who bring stuff to the potluck.


  2. We feel that the charity business is exactly that...a business. So we don't give them any money.

    Used to think that KIVA was a good organization that "borrowed" your money and put it to good use. Then, I found out that they were charging a ridiculous 36% interest rate to some of the people they were trying to "help". That crossed them off our list.

  3. We donate locally to charities we know the money is used for the charity rather than advertising and administration. We also suggest giving your time. You will never be bored if you give of your time to a local charity. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  4. Hi, George. i remember the first time I got one of those "requests" for a donation. Along with a calendar, return address stickers, etc. I wrote s letter to the organization; told them I resented the method of sending me "gifts" so that I would feel guilty if I did not remit a check. Since then countless other organizations have taken up the practice. No longer do I feel guilty. Seems to me they are spending money---and cutting trees ---- when they shouldn't. I keep the address stickers and whatever freebies they send. They have already spent the $$ on postage,etc. no point in wasting it, right? We support St. Jude Hospital. For many years we "supported" a child in Bangladesh. They claim it is possible to be in touch with the child you support. I tried. Was a joke.

    I am glad to find you talking to us again. Just like old times.