Saturday, December 12, 2015

Driving after sundown

By the time I began driving home after The Nutcracker performance, it was after sundown. I try to not drive except during daytime hours. It's my experience that I am safer driving during daytime.

I have noticed that everything diminishes with age. Good coordination and reflexes are two things that are needed when I am driving. Both of these two things lessen with age. That's why I hardly drive except during daytime hours.

Some other drivers on the road with me find it hard to tolerate my driving speed. If the legal speed limit is 65, I hardly ever drive over limit and this makes some fellow drivers a bit angry. Of course I drive in the right side slow lane at these times.

Nutcracker review
This was a fine performance of The Nutcracker. It is the 48th season for the California Ballet and it shows!

The last time that I went to see The Nutcracker was in 2002 while I was battling with cancer.

I especially love to see the reactions of kids in the audience and the way young people dress up to attend The Nutcracker.


  1. Good to hear from you George

  2. Sometimes it's better to get out and exercise those skills at night. Continued avoidance will let your skills deteriorate further.
    Just get out there and do it.

    1. Hi David,
      I am very much for exercising skills to avoid losing them. However, denying the results of the aging process is not a thing that I approve.

      Seniors may find that their visual skills diminish. An example is to look both ways TWICE before driving thru an intersection. Only to find an approaching car that you did NOT see. You swear to yourself that this car was not there when you looked both ways twice. But it actually was there!

      At night, such problems are greatly aggravated.


  3. I don't drive after dark very often, either. Looks like you are taking the right steps to get home safe. You might want to have your eyes checked and consider driving glasses. We care for you! Peace

    1. Hi Brad,
      I have been required to drive with glasses for many years.