Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Epoch Times

I eat out quite a bit. And the restaurant where I go most is China Super Buffet in La Mesa. Their pork chops are absolutely the best. All of their other food is also great.

But I am not writing to you today about China Super Buffet. I am writing about a free newspaper that is distributed at the entrance to the restaurant.

It is named, "Epoch Times". This is truly a paper that provides truthful news coverage. In these days, "truthful news" is usually very difficult to find.

I was very happy to learn today that this newspaper has an online edition! Because of that online presence, I am able now to share "Epoch Time" with you.

Click [here] to view.

Vitamin supplements
Several years ago, my appetite for food began to decline. As a result, I began to eat less and less. I was aware that my diet was not balanced. But I did not pay much attention to what would happen to me as a result of poor nutrition.

In September, 2013, after living full time in Mexico for six years, I left and returned to the United States. I took up residence in Southern California and became eligible for medical care with Kaiser Permanente. My new doctor at Kaiser completely evaluated my physical condition.

That was when I learned how bad my physical condition had become. I was diagnosed with osteoporosis. Lots of other stuff too. I wanted to get back into condition, but with such a bad appetite, I was not able to eat a balanced diet.

Over the following two years, I began to use vitamin supplements in order to provide the nutrition that I was missing. I believe that I've been successful with the vitamin supplements.

Now I feel really good. Have lots of energy. Even my finger and toe nails look healthy and my nails are strong too! My blood tests show that my physical condition has stopped declining and even improved.

I do not know for sure if my vitamin supplements are responsible. But I believe that these vitamins have turned things around for me.



  1. We are great believers in vitamins & minerals. We have taken these for many years. Hubby 74 & not on any meds. I am on just a few meds. We feel great. We also exercise by walking. Yes, we agree the vitamins & minerals are helping. Keep up the good work, George.

  2. Good to hear that all is going great for you. We are in Mazatlan now and had dinner at FatFish = not healthy but GOOD take care.

    1. Hi Carol and Bill,
      I would have loved to go to FatFish with the two of you and dine on their wonderful ribs!