Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Logitech Bluetooth

When I biked home from the YMCA this afternoon, there was a US Post Office locker key in my mail box! The post office uses lockers for deliveries too large for mail boxes.

Wow! I just love to get stuff waiting for me in those lockers!

I could not tell from the return address, where this box came from? So I hurried up to my apartment to open this present. I think of stuff like this as presents, even though I bought it myself!

The box was well sealed, so I had to work a bit at opening it up. When I finally opened the box, it was my present! A Logitech Wireless Headset! [link]

This headset is Bluetooth and connects wirelessly to my iPhone.

Wow! I am so happy to have received this headset. Would you believe that I have bought 5 different earbuds/headsets before I got this wireless one? All of them were a pain to use.

This Logitech is perfect for me. No wires to get tangled up. And Logitech stuff has always worked great for me, straight out of the box.

Dancing down the hallways
After charging up the battery, I listened to rock-n-roll as I walked down the hallways doing my exercise. I was dancing down the hallways!

Hey Hey, My My....Rock-N-Roll will never die.....


  1. I would so love to pass you in the hall, George! As it is, I have to imagine you "rock'n" away! What fun you are!

  2. This post of yours today brought a huge smile to my face, George. Keep on rockin and walkin!!! Happy New Years to you, my friend!!!

  3. If I passed you in the hallway, I would have dosee doed you around once....just to keep you in shape :-)