Thursday, December 31, 2015

My friend Dora

Now that I am walking again for exercise in the hallways of Guava Gardens Apartments, as I pass by apartment #205, I recall the face of my friend Dora. That apartment was Dora's home for the final 15 years of her life.

Dora Tuchin nee Eber, was a blessing to everybody who knew her. The way she marveled at everything, touched us all.

I met Dora when she was still only 103 years old. I attended her 104th birthday which was held poolside at Guava Gardens. Shortly after I met Dora, I met her again in the apartment's driveway. Dora told me that she had an appointment to have her nails done. Would you believe that the nail shop was a quarter mile away? Dora at 104 years, thought nothing of walking a 1/4 mile. She just always believed that she could do anything!

I thought to myself, well, we will have none of Dora walking to that nail shop! And I brought my car around to drive her and made arrangements for the nail shop staff to phone me when Dora was ready to return home.

My driving Dora to the nail shop really impressed her. She told me later, "I didn't think that you were that nice." After that, we were very close with each other.

I felt the warmness of Dora. I felt her friendship. I began to visit Dora in her apartment. As we talked together, I could see the bright flame of her life shining from her wrinkled eyes.

During the summer of 2014, a reporter from "The Jewish Journal" made a date with Dora to eat lunch at D.Z. Akins, a fabulous deli in La Mesa. Click [here] to read the story of that date.

When Dora was 100 years old, her family held a big birthday party for her. A nephew of Dora commemorated her life with a wonderful video which showed Dora thru the 100 years of her life.

Please click the right-arrow to watch video.

My friend Dora
Dora is standing on the left

Dora passed away last October. [April 15, 1911 - October 10, 2015] She fell down in her Guava Gardens apartment. That fall hurt her. She moved to her nearby daughter's home for support and never returned to Guava Gardens.

I was able to visit Dora one time at her daughter's home. I miss you Dora!

Happy New Year everybody!



  1. That was beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing it. Happy New Year.

  2. That was a very nice tribute to your friend , Dora. Walking, posting again, seems to have made you a happier person - do you feel that way, too? I am enjoying seeing you post more - thanks, George and Happy New Year to you.

    1. Hi Sandy,
      Absolutely YES! I love to make my blog posts.

      Preparing my blog gives me a perspective on my life by making me think and consider what is going on. I stopped blogging because I felt that I had nothing to share anymore. But readers convinced me otherwise.

      I am now glad that I am blogging daily again.



  3. Good Morning George - Love reading your blog again. Thanks.

    This note on Dora was one of the best. Your are a great writer and a great guy.

    Happy New Year!!

  4. Glad your back! Keep them coming.

  5. A great post George, Happy New Year!

  6. Sounds like Dora was a very special person -- thanks for sharing George. It was very nice of you to drive her and then go and pick her up -- you definitely stand out from the average folk. Happy New Year!! and keep those posts coming they enrich my life.

  7. What a great lady! Hope 2016 is a fantastic year for you George. Nice to read more posts now.

  8. Wow. 2016 is starting out right with the news that friend George is going to be a regular part of my days! Your posting boosts my morale---makes me feel happier. May you have a wonderful year,George.

  9. George, I hope this will be a great year for you.You have made my year start off bright, with your telling us of your friend Dora.

  10. What a nice tribute,,,keep on going George,,, I have followed your blog post for many years