Sunday, December 13, 2015

Sock styles

As clothing style changes zoom across our culture, you can be sure that I am one of the very last to learn about the change. That's how it was with socks. Some years ago, when crew socks became unfashionable, ankle socks [also called quarter socks] appeared.

A few months ago I bought some ankle socks. But then I found that ankle socks easily slipped down my foot and totally into the shoe! Not good. Very uncomfortable too.

Then I noticed a lady at the mall who had converted her crew socks into ankle socks by rolling down the sock to her shoe top. I went to Target this morning to copy this lady and I bought a bunch of crew socks.

Look how that came out. Am I cool, or what?

PS: More recently, low cut or invisible socks were born. In case you don't know about low cut socks, the top of low cuts are "below" the top of the shoe. How do people who wear low cut socks keep the sock from sliding down into their shoe?

Getting ready for Pot Luck
After buying socks, I went to Von's grocery to buy all the stuff needed to make the MeatLoaf for this coming Thursday's Pot Luck party that my apartment's management is hosting.

You may remember that I blogged to you about meat loaf a couple of days ago. This is NOT a cheap pot luck for me. By the time I bought a plastic bowl to mold the raw meat loaf including all of the ingredients, I was coming close to $50 bucks!

BTW, if you did not see my meat loaf recipe before, click [here] to see that recipe now.

When I was shopping at Von's this afternoon, I saw a box of Manischewitz Latke Mix! Latkes is the Yiddish word for potato pancakes.

In my entire lifetime, I have never prepared latkes! But today I did! And my latkes are sooooo good!


  1. Hope your meatloaf turns out and is delicious.

  2. I have made your meatloaf before and it is wonderful!!

  3. I copied the meat loaf recipe to make it later. I wear low cut socks and some slip down and some do not.

  4. Now let's see if I can get this right this time without screwing it up

    Mr. G the best way to eat potato pancakes is with sour cream slobbered on it that's the way they do it in Germany
    As for the socks,,, by folding it over that keeps it from sliding down to your heel if you have 6 inch work boots
    Been doing it that way for 20 years now Besides pulling your socks all the way up looks dorky that way
    Wow George 50 bucks for hamburger how many people are you feeding and make sure the old ladies don't bring a big pocketbook or they're going to carry half the food back to their place

    Enjoy your day Mr. G

  5. George, I have found that only the really good "gold-toe" socks (the low ones) will stay up over the heel. The cheaper/thinner ones do disappear below the heel... :-)

  6. George, last night we watch a movie called "The Fastest Indian." I think you would like it because the main character is like you, determined to make his dream a reality. It was good. We watched it on Netflix on our Roku box.

    1. I seem to recall George talking about this movie several years ago. You are right that it's a great movie though.

  7. George, seeing you post more often makes me happy and I think it may make you happier, too. Liked the picture of your latkes and hope you take a picture of your meatloaf to share with all of us. Meatloaf is no longer the economically dish it was when we were younger.

  8. Hi, George. I didn't look, but I think I remember you made your meatloaf in an iron skillet? Am thinking maybe buying one of those raised the price considerably. On the good side, next time you make meatloaf it won't be that expensive.

    Re socks that go down in shoes, maybe people are right that the sock quality enters here, I know I have had several pairs that looked identical. Some would go down, others wouldn't. Those short socks have never worked for me, but the grandkids must have them. Sounds like you solved your problem. Good going!